A Spanos needs to lead the stadium charge but it’s not Dean


After last week’s on-air battles regarding the Chargers, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and a new stadium, I would like to offer a simple solution.
First, let’s backtrack.
The Mayor speaks at his State of the City address last Wednesday and announces he is putting together a group of civic leaders to investigate the possibility of a stadium on the current Qualcomm site and downtown.
In other words, we are back to the year 2002, when this all began.
Literally, 12 years have gone by, and we are not any closer than we were back then. In fact, we are back to the very beginning.
What did you expect?
New Mayor, different economic climate, let’s start fresh.
As for the Chargers, they were PISSED! From their perspective, they have spent a ton of time and money over the past 12 years, and to be no further ahead means all that time and money has been a giant waste.
So here is my solution.
The Chargers, first and foremost, need to initiate a winning public relations game plan.

1. Move Mark Fabiani, the current Chargers stadium front man, to the background.
2. Take A.G. Spanos, the Chargers CEO and son of team president, Dean Spanos, and make him the face of the future stadium.
3. Starting now, put the coaches, players, management-types, front-office brass on every TV and radio station in San Diego, regularly!
4. Stop talking about LA. Never mention it. There can be no threat!

If you don’t know much about A.G. Spanos, here is his bio from the Chargers’ website.


The person who spearheads this effort should be from within the franchise, but more importantly within the family.
San Diego will like and trust A.G. Spanos; he should be the face of this effort.

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