Keeping up with this Jones is always a hoot

The Craig Elsten Podcast is back for Pod No. 2, and our guest this week is once again a man directly associated with what’s great in San Diego sports: Randy Jones.
Randy is the first great player you link with the history of Padres baseball, winning the team’s initial major award — the 1976 National League Cy Young — and notching consecutive 20-win seasons in 1975-’76.
Craig and Randy have known each other for 15 years working around the current Padres and their stories start coming out fast.
From the car Randy tuned-up to take his wife out on their first date back in high school, to the moment Randy wishes he could take back at the end of the 1976 season, to the many and varied attempts at business success that have kept Randy relevant in our town for decades, you’ll hear it all.
Plus, Craig begins with an essay on the joy we feel reveling in the sports pain of others, straight from the sports book in Las Vegas.
It’s all ahead on the Craig Elsten Podcast No. 2!