Media are the real clowns at the Super Bowl


Super Bowl week for is usually a time for me to see my radio friends and many old football friends and teammates during this time.

I guess I have one of the few advantages most sports-talk radio host don’t have in the fact I have had the great honor of being on both ends of the mic: as an athlete and now as a sports-radio host. …

I must say I got the biggest kick out of how the media was so interested in Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

He basically sat there in his chair and told the IDIOTIC media people that he wasn’t going to say anything all week and the only reason he is at Super Bowl Media Day is because he did not want to lose more money.


But yet the media continued to show up and ask questions.

To me it was like the stupid person that shows up at a zoo and tries to upset the lion hoping to get a reaction out of him? …

See to me Lynch showed the media this week how stupid they really are. They would rather cover a freak show and form their own thoughts on how they see him instead of understand the facts.

He didn’t want to talk.

The media of today doesn’t care about covering a sporting event like the Super Bowl. They want to cover the train wrecks that are around the Super Bowl.

Funny, it reminds me when you are on a highway and you wonder why the traffic is stopped.

Come to realize it’s because people stopped to see the crash and if anybody was killed?

We live in a crazy society today.

Today’s media wants the train wreck and not the true meaning of what the Super Bowl is.

It’s a game where legends are made and myths are created.


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