Kaplan Reviews San Diego’s Wild Week

Can’t believe the news this week about Kyle Kraska. You never know who the psychos are.

Let me get this straight: painter does a crappy job, but then makes threatening overtures while demanding more money.

Kraska better buy a lottery ticket because that dude is lucky to be alive, shot at and hit multiple times, totally defenseless.

I have not always been Kyle’s biggest fan, but I never want to see a guy just trying to make it, living his life, not hurting anyone, get shot up like that by some freak. …

We had a weird week in SD, first Mike “Bossman” Hardin from Hodad’s dies of a heart attack, then college hoops coaching legend Jerry Tarkanian died.

Bossman was always a great guy, willing to do anything we asked, and he always served a world-class burger!

Tark was a regular at Del Mar, and I spent many great summer afternoons sitting around with the wise guys listening to his stories. …

Was at the Aztecs hoops game Wednesday night and they finally knocked down shots. After demolishing Wyoming, 67-41, this team may be ready to make its run! …

How cool are the Padres? This is what Cleveland felt like when LeBron chose to go home; it felt cool and relevant!

Same with the Padres and Rancho Santa Fe’s James Shields.

Shields, though not the Lebron of baseball, chose to play for SD. It validated what we all wanted, to believe the Padres will be winners. …

So the Jackie Robinson West Little League team of Chicago cheated by recruiting players from outside the district it represented?


Parents and coaches are so obsessed with the Little League World Series, simply because it’s on ESPN.

Bad news parents. Just because your kid is the best 12-year-old, does not guarantee he/she will even play high school ball. So stop trying to go from Little League to the major leagues, and stop using your kids to live out your dreams. …

Is Bruce Jenner really changing into a woman? You mean to tell me his whole life he has been tormented by being in the wrong body? That is a shame to be that famous, have this discomfort, and how it will all play out in public

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