Plan The Work and Work The Plan

Believe it or not, we don’t show up at the studio week days at 11:55 a.m. and do radio.  I’m sure it sounds that way sometimes but believe me, some  planning goes into  this thing…Sunday night I sit down, log on and go sport by sport, seeing what it is that we will, won’t and might be talking about this week.

Here’s your peek behind the curtain with this week’s agenda:

Monday, we’re planning on having Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani on the show.  You hear him a lot – I know – but on Monday, you’ll hear him just a few hours after the Chargers meet with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s “Citizens Stadium Advisory Group” for the first time.  How did it go?  We’ll find out.  Mondays are always the best shows, IMO, because there’s always sports on the weekends. Instant content like how Saturday night’s win against CSU impacts the Aztecs NCAA Tournament chances and possible seeding.

Speaking of… Tuesday night, San Diego State is in Albuquerque for a conference game against nemesis New Mexico (6:30 on the Mighty 1090).  The Aztecs had a good week at home and have five games remaining on their regular-season schedule.  What interests me most about this game is seeing whether or not Fisher’s guys can take a great week at Viejas on the road with them.  The Lobos have lost four straight and though The Pit is tough, it hasn’t been impossible to win there this season…

We also get some Champions League action during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday).  Don’t expect much from Jordan Carruth on Tuesday with Chelsea playing PSG in the Round of 16. F. C. Barcelona isn’t playing until next week, so I’ll sit back and enjoy it all and hope Real Madrid loses.

The NFL Scouting Combine begins on Wednesday. As most of you know, the draft ridiculousness really isn’t my thing but colleague Marty Caswell will be there and I’m sure Indianapolis will provide the show a decent caliber of guests, including Tom Telesco.  Can’t wait to talk about 40 times and unnamed scouts!! While I kid about the over-the-top coverage of combine, the importance of this offseason shouldn’t be understated. I see a lot of holes to fill on that Chargers roster.

You can probably expect a SDSU coach Brian Dutcher recap of the New Mexico game as well….

Padres pitchers and catchers report to spring training in Peoria on Thursday. When’s the last time there was this much excitement for on-field stretching and tossing — 2007?  How will the rotation look and who will compete for the fifth spot?  Just a couple of the story lines you can expect to hear us talking about. I’m guessing (in order) Shields, Ross, Cashner, Kennedy with Erlin, Despaigne and Morrow as the top three candidates for the fifth spot.

(Side note: we’re broadcasting live from Peoria starting Monday 2/23)

And then there’s Friday, when we get you set for another weekend.  Rinse and repeat.

People in sports radio say there’s nothing to talk about in February. Yeah right. Talk to you at noon all week.

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