Kaplan: Bolts Bluffing About Move

So the Chargers are moving?


I am not buying it for a second.

In fact, Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani was in studio Friday, after that ridiculous press conference in Carson. He admitted the Carson plan is a threat to SD — make it happen San Diego or the Chargers have a back-up plan.

Great move by Mark and the Chargers.

That immediately prompted the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group to hustle, promising the results of its homework assignment in 90 days rather than the six months San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer originally gave it.

Second, Faulconer and Chargers president Dean Spanos finally got together like grown-ups and had a face-to-face discussion, where both men pledged their continued efforts to find a solution in SD.

Maybe the most exciting part of the Chargers’ bluff, was getting LaDainian Tomlinson to agree to become the face of the movement, to keep the Chargers in SD.

‪The bottom line is the Rams are forcing the Chargers to play NFL politics. They must let the other owners know they oppose the Rams’ move into their backyard, and if they don’t get a new stadium in SD, then they are the team going to LA.

This is all just one big chess game, and we are all pawns: the fans, the media, the team, the league and the cities in question.

All we can do is what is best for our city, which is to build a state-of-the-art facility for generations to come.

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