Chargers Fans Voices Are Heard

Monday felt like a Chargers Sunday to Brian Gushue.

That’s good enough for me.

Gushue was among thousands camped at Qualcomm Stadium for the Save Our Bolts rally.

That morphed into a civic exercise with Chargers fans addressing the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group and a happy CSAG to you do.

But back to Gushue and why not?

By gosh, Gushue has attended 439 NFL games. You read that number right and he recites it with a smile.

“Sometime the tailgate parties are better than the games,’’ Gushue said.

But there’s always been an NFL game in town, since Gushue became a Chargers fan after they beat the Browns on Dec. 4, 1977.

Since Gushue, 49, has a mission to attend 500 NFL games. Yes he has Chargers season tickets, as well as Cardinals, 49ers and Raiders.

“Don’t forget the Packers mini-plan,’’ he said, and we won’t.

While Gushue proudly displayed his Charger gear, ex-Charger Nick Hardwick was leading cheers in the background.

“San Diego SuperChargers!”

“Save Our Bolts!”

The chants were loud and clear, coming from folks wearing jerseys of Seau, Tomlinson, Rivers, Gates, and Means.

If you need the first names, we’re surprised you made it down this far.

What Gushue can’t imagine is his falls minus the Chargers. He’ll get by fine traveling about, but what about HIS home team?

“When we get the stadium rocking it’s like a sporting event at a rock concert,’’ said Gushue, a Clairemont resident. “You just can’t beat that.’’

It’s equally tough matching Gushue’s NFL resume, which includes Super Bowls 37, 42 and 49. When spotting Gushue recently in Arizona, it was a treat.

The trick would be getting Chargers fans to root for them elsewhere.

“It wouldn’t feel the same to go to the games,’’ Gushue said. “If you went somewhere else, the Chargers might be the home team but it wouldn’t be the same.’’

Monday night didn’t bring a marquee game but there were still cars on the Q asphalt. Many a trunk was swung open with social sparklers being hoisted, backslaps were being extended and bad passes were triggering car alarms.

Gushue, of course was right: it was like a Chargers game day.

This community that has absorbed talk of stadiums being erected in Los Angeles for their team, answered back on Monday.

Like the chants, it was off-key and not one person minded.

Especially Brian Gushue.

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