Telesco Vs. Preller Is One-Sided So Far

The Chargers didn’t listen and haven’t we been down this road before?
They declined to make a cannon ball in the free-agency pool, and wouldn’t Ndamukong Suh have looked spiffy in bolts?
But the Chargers passed and let’s hope this turns out better than when we requested they deep-six A.J. Smith and Norv Turner — about two years before they did.
OK, they brought back left tackle King Dunlap, signed Baltimore returner Jacoby Jones and chatter is they’re closing in on Denver offensive lineman Orlando Franklin.
Steady my beating heart and you sure, Tom Telesco, you want to go toe-to-toe with A.J. Preller?
Telesco, the Chargers’ general manager, would note the team will likely retain cornerback Brandon Flowers, too.
Hey I’ve sung, “Be sure to bring some flowers in your hair…if you’re coming to San Francisco.”
And that is where the Chargers’ GPS is dialed into. Or better put, Santa Clara, for next season’s Super Bowl.
But where’s the beef — OK, Franklin goes north of 330 pounds. Gotcha.
Chargers fans weary of stadium bluster, are looking for impact players. If you’re dipping into their pockets to pay for a stadium, how about getting into yours for a marquee addition?
Would they have been a better fit than Suh, a one-man wrecking crew that would have improved the Chargers’ run defense and tepid pass rush?
Probably not. Although Vince Wolfolk, the ex-Patroit, could be an option.
The Chargers move on, getting complementary parts for a team which lost four of its six AFC West games last year, and insert here your appreciation for the Raiders being in the division.
So Telesco remains on the clock, with free agency starting for keeps on Tuesday. I’ve got Preller’s text number if he needs some tips. …
Speaker of the sleepless wonder, Preller perked up with hearing that the Giants’ Hunter Pence will miss two months with a broken arm. Preller would never root for another team to absorb injuries to outfielders. But he has a surplus of them in camp and would more than welcome the chance to fill a need. Especially if a shortstop comes the other way. …
In the latest stadium wars where billionaires square off, AEG has taken shots at Inglewood and Carson.
AEG owns LA Live, which for a long time created the sizzle for the NFL’s return. Since, it’s been lapped by the Inglewood site — hello, Rams — and Carson — hello, Chargers and Raiders.
The big LA power broker, AEG, has released a report that the Rams’ proposed digs is unsafe because of terrorists concerns with it being of the path of planes landing at LAX.
Funny, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Petco Park and its proximity to Lindbergh Field.
AEG also made it known it’s not cool with the Carson layout, as it’s too close to the StubHub Center complex it owns.
AEG, we guess, isn’t into that sticky component of capitalism of competition being a good thing. …
OK, what’s had more blocks: the Chargers’ quest to erect a fresh stadium or San Diego State’s Skylar Spencer?
The Aztecs’ forward was named the Mountain West defensive player of the year, thanks to his knack for knocking shots elsewhere.
Spencer, a junior, has the school’s shot-block record and looks to add to it in this week’s MW tournament. …
Having the Padres back on the radio is a beautiful thing, and that they are on the Mighty 1090 or ESPN 1700, makes it all the sweeter. …
One more win for the Knicks and they match the number of its president, “The Lord of Rings.” Phil Jackson has 13 in his jewelry box, when counting the two he won with the Knicks as a backup forward. New York, at 12-49, is in Denver tonight seeking No. 13.
Luckily, we didn’t count the massive ring Jackson plopped on Lakers executive Jeanie Buss’ finger.
We’re not sure the Knicks can reach No. 14!
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