Mission Valley Or Mission Impossible?

The Citizens Stadium Advisory Group has spoken: Mission Valley is its site of preference.
And we kiss the Chargers good-bye.
Downtown was where it was at but San Diego’s powers-that-be didn’t quite get that.
We guess San Diego Mayor Doug Manchester and City Councilman Steve Cushman couldn’t be convinced to drop their resistance of a stadium/convention center project across from Petco Park.
My bad — Manchester isn’t the mayor, but he pulls the considerable strings of the hoteliers.
My bad II — Cushman isn’t a city council member, but he carries the convention center banner.
Instead they trumped the real mayor, Kevin Faulconer, and a city council which doesn’t have much pull.
Hey, Mission Valley is cool and we dig going there, too.
But how is the city, and maybe county, going to convince voters that a stadium there is more than a stadium.
I get it. You dress it up with entertainment development around it and man, it worked great for L.A. Live.
San Diego, though, has that already and it answers to the Gaslamp Quarter.
Mission Valley, right now, is a traffic-chocked corridor that is pain to any that travel it.
So plop more retail, more condos and a new stadium in it and the results is gridlock.
What Wednesday’s move does is break free the Chargers’ ties to San Diego. It gets the vans rolling and will the team’s preference be Bekins or Mayflower.
Don’t think so?
Mark Fabiani, the Chargers’ mouthpiece whom some suggest is paid by the spoken word, has no comment.
Oy Vey!
While the Chargers have been quiet on the free-agent front, maybe they just got closer to Carson.
That’s a city, not a player.
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