Stadiums, AEG And Bryant Making News

Kevin Johnson proved long ago he was great at the point.
The Sacramento mayor prove it again in an interview with Scott & BR.
Johnson, a former star NBA guard, walked the gents through the process of getting a sports venue built. He did just that in his city, when the NBA’s Kings threatened to move to either Seattle or Orange County.
In his version of Tiananmen Square, Johnson all put stood in the front of moving vans, forcing the process to stop.
Then he got busy bringing different parties together and convincing citizens not giving a flip about sports that the downtown arena was a winning investment for everyone.
Johnson followed that story with some kind words for the Spanos family and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.
But where Johnson’s plan showed leaks was when he mentioned the Kings’ rabid fans and a business community that was all in.
We’ll see how that works here, where the Chargers are often challenged in selling out games. And it’s been clear Dean Spanos, the team’s president, has some fence-mending to do with the city’s powers-that-be.
But hey, if everyone joins hands and eventually builds a Mission Valley stadium, a big, o’l cow bell ring should be pointed in Johnson’s direction. …
Carson has finally entered the big leagues — it has become a target, as well as a partner, of AEG’s.
The big three-letter conglomerate told Carson to tap the brakes on its plan to build a playpen for the Chargers and Raiders. AEG, which owns nearby StubHub Center, wasn’t shy about telling Carson it wasn’t down with the NFL stadium plan and would do its best to muck up the works.
Of course this could all go away with a big, fat NFL check to compensate AEG — stay tuned. …
Any chance AEG can work with SDSU? The Aztecs battle St. John’s in their NCAA tournament opener on Friday and might AEG lend a hand? It never has trouble getting off shots — hello, Inglewood project; ditto Carson — and San Diego State could take a lesson or two.
Fire away, boys, and something might land. …
So some are clamoring for the Chargers to move Philip Rivers in some cockamamie deal to get Marcus Mariota? Love the Oregon prospect but be careful of what you wish for. I think he’s going to stick, but others whisper two players and four words: Joey Harrington and Akili Smith. They, too, were first-round Oregon hotshots that didn’t do squat in the pros.
Rivers is a proven commodity, and if you’re going to move him, the package coming the other way should be overwhelming.
The real crime is the shoddy Chargers’ front office which has wasted many of Rivers’ prime years with questionable roster building.
A quarterback with Rivers’ skills and leadership shouldn’t miss the playoffs in four of the past five years. …
Matt Wisler, the Padres’ top pitching prospect that general manager A.J. Preller managed to hang out to, was roughed-up on Tuesday. His bid for that fifth spot in the rotation took a blow as well. It looks like a two-man battle between Brandon Morrow and Odrisamer Despaigne, with Morrow in the lead — barely. …
Raise a hand if you have Hampton over Kentucky today! I embrace optimism and nothing says it more than that pick. …
Kris Bryant, the former University of San Diego slugger, has made the Cactus League parks look small. The Cubs’ third baseman has bashed six home runs and looks as comfortable at the plate as a fan lounging on the outfield bern.
Know this: Bryant will start the season in Triple A and it’s a wise move for the Cubs.
By delaying his debut by about two weeks, Bryant will be under their control for another season. What’s funny is fans and media saying the Cubs don’t want to win now. But by doing so, the win for another full season by having Bryant in the clubhouse.
Predictably, Bryant’s agent, Scott Boras, is crying foul. Don’t mind him being mad, but his angst should be directed toward the players union which negotiated such language in the collective bargaining agreement and not with the Cubs. ..
Lindsey Vonn’s, Tiger Woods’ gal pal, continues to dominate. She won her record 18th World Cup on Wednesday.
“I’ve just built a new trophy case…it has room for 23 globes,” she said.
Somewhere Woods was seen muttering about the room for Majors hardware on his mantle. He’s been stuck on 14 since 2008 at Torrey Pines in chasing Jack Nicklaus’ record 18. Bet Vonn’s World Cup total can’t go unnoticed.
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