Draft Day: Just as Boring as the Real Draft

As soon as Dan told me that “Draft Day” was my assignment for the week, my reaction was basically “ugh…” While some people find the NFL Draft “entertaining” and spend months prepping for it, I find it exceedingly boring and dull (and this is coming from someone who already hates golf). I just don’t get what makes it so exciting; nothing has happened!

So when you add my reluctance to even watch the real Draft plus the somewhat mixed feelings I’ve had of Kevin Costner films recently, I knew this would be a rough one to sit through.

Now, to be fair, it is an interesting and underemphasized premise; most people don’t focus on what it is like behind the scenes on Draft Day. We do not really know what it is like for the General Managers and Scouts that have spent all this time preparing as well as dealing with the stress of job instability.

But who wants to watch a movie about the front office? When I think of memorable sports movies, it is all about the players and coaches on the field or court or ice. You want to see people perform, that’s what makes sports so entertaining to watch in the first place.

Sure Kevin Costner’s not bad as Sonny Weaver Jr. and Jennifer Garner is a solid female foil but the movie is just plain boring. You sit through about an hour and a half of everyone second-guessing every single decision and in the end the film is pretty predictable.

After all the sudden questions around the No. 1 pick, you already know he is going to select Vontae Mack cause he’s their guy. And you knew there would be more to it cause why would you have traded three 1st round picks for the guy you were already going to draft in the first place? Arian Foster may not have had a lot of screen time but you assumed his role had some meaning, which it did.

And by the way, if this Bo Callahan had so many issues, wouldn’t somebody have figured it out before then? While I may not be an NFL Draft historian, the most recent comparison I can make (since Winston hasn’t been drafted yet) is Cam Newton who we knew had plenty of questions. But there was no surprise that he was drafted first.

Also, when you really think about it, the whole movie was basically the Browns picking twice in the first round. But instead of just trading the three 2nd round picks right away, it goes through a roundabout process of the having situation making that possible. If you think about it though most of the movie seems pretty pointless with what the main result ended up being.

Now “Draft Day” does have its moments where it picks up steam and there were some funny jokes but overall it’s just not entertaining. Not even counting the “character building” for Sonny, the movie feels like a grind with an ending that hides just how thin the premise was. I mean of course no movies focus on GMs and scouts at the NFL Draft because nobody cares! And don’t get me started on Denis Leary’s character. I guess this is what I get for putting mayonnaise on my hot dog…sigh.

+ By Danny Reiter, Producer of the Dan Sileo Show



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