Philip Rivers on the schedule “I’m Fired Up”

by Marty Caswell

Philip Rivers is fired up.

No, not just about the start of the Charger’s off-season workouts, nor the never-ending speculation around his future. He was simply fired up about the release of the San Diego Chargers’ 2015 schedule.

The opponents were already known, but on Tuesday afternoon, the NFL unveiled the full schedule, which revealed the Chargers would start their season at home versus the Detroit Lions on September 13th, host three primetime games versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs and finish the last two games of their season on the road, as they did a year ago.

“Seeing the schedule come out, seeing when we play each team always makes it exciting,” Rivers said via a text message. “Five of last seven in the division stands out. Four primetime games. And of course, the opener at home against Detroit. I’m fired up.”

Unlike the last few years, the Chargers did not make Rivers available at Chargers Park to discuss the schedule, where he would recite each week’s opponent, already committed to memory.

But asked if he had this season’s schedule memorized, Rivers quipped “You know it.”

And to be clear, he was asked about the Chargers schedule, not the Tennessee Titans.

Rivers bolo by Marty Caswell
Rivers bolo by Marty Caswell

It is not known when Rivers will officially address the media. Perhaps it will come after the NFL draft when his future with the team will finally be solidified one way or the other.

Chargers defensive end Corey Liuget joined The Darren Smith Show on Tuesday afternoon following the team’s off-season workout and shared his thoughts on Rivers’ uncertain future.

Corey Liuget by Marty Caswell
Corey Liuget by Marty Caswell

“We know for a fact right now he’s our quarterback,” said Liuget. “He’s our guy. When we’re in that locker room, he wants to be here and he’s ready to work.”

On the idea of a possible trade, Liuget continued, “I don’t think it’s going to happen. To me, my honest gut and feelings, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I believe Philip loves the team and if he just decides to play this year out, it will be a big shocker to me. I don’t think Philip is going to go anywhere. I can’t speak for him but I feel he will be here.”

Listen to Corey Liuget’s interview with Darren HERE

Chargers 2015 Schedule 

Sept 13 1:05 pm Detroit
Sept 20 1:00 am @ Cincy
Sept 27 10:00 am & Minnesota
Oct 4 1:05 pm Cleveland
Oct 12 5:30 pm Pittsburgh
Oct 18 1:25 pm at Green Bay
Oct 25 1:05 pm Oakland
Nov 1 10:00 am at Baltimore
Nov 9 5:30 pm Chicago
Bye Week
Nov 22 5:30 pm Kansas City
Nov 29 10:00 am @ Jacksonville 
Dec 6 1:05 pm Denver
Dec 13 10:00 am at Kansas City          
Dec 20 1:25 pm Miami
Dec 24 5:25 pm at Oakland  
Jan 3 1:25 pm at Denver



8 thoughts on “Philip Rivers on the schedule “I’m Fired Up”

  1. rickochey

    Its hard to respect the spanos’s. they are greedy pigs that have a history of screweing over players. Troy Palumalu just retired and the steelers didnt try to trade him blah blah.. and they have 6 SBs. Once the spanos’s respect players as people they might win the SB but that doesnt seem like it will happen in our lifetime.

  2. Perfect man not mo'

    If they move to la, then i’ll be saying screw the nfl. European and International soccer matches have more action and NO commercials. If they think they can just keep milking the fans for every cent then FTnflRITP.

  3. Ben Cluff

    I’m with you bro….. Years of tears and my $ going to the Spanos family. Screw them I’ll follow Rivers and rock me a #17 Titan Jersey. Phillip will probably win a SB with them and you all know we’ve seen that before.

  4. James Aud

    I do not live in SD any more,but the SAN DIEGO Chargers and Rivers will always be # 1 in my book.

  5. V.EZ

    Hell yes dude! I feel the exact same way, except I really started following European soccer this season. I’m almost sad to see the draft approaching as it means soccer season is ending soon, but at least the off-season is only about 2 months long.

    The NFL is becoming more and more of a joke. It might be popular now, but it’s setting itself up to fail miserably with all the idiotic crap that happens on and off the field, in politics and the way the NFL handles all those things.

    The fan culture is pathetic inside the stadium during the games as well. I sure as hell don’t see the excitement in being inside the new stadium if it’s full of people who act as if they’re watching an opera performance. I’d even say that the MLS has much better and more passionate fans than the NFL does, and they aren’t even close to being on the same level as fans in Europe and South America.

  6. V.EZ

    Seriously. When was the last time a player who has spent most, if not all of their career in San Diego, retired as a Charger without going to another team first? The only two that I could think of are David Binn and Nick Hardwick, and Hardwick was only able to do so because of the injury. I guarantee if Hardwick didn’t retire he would have been traded or released by the end of the next season.

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