NFL Schedule Release

I’ll be real. Had to hit the black label five hour this morning because I stayed up all night breaking down the NFL schedule.  I haven’t slept a wink. But I’ve studied every single week.

If the NFL putting the world in a choke hold with some dates and matchups is inevitable, might as well lie back and enjoy it.  I’ve done it so you don’t HAVE to.  I’m just that good of a dude. But instead of blowing some smoke about who has the best schedule, let’s get right to who has the worst.

And your first runner-up is a franchise that has 6 rings. It’s too bad, because you have to think with their fan base, Pittsburgh probably led the league in people refreshing their feed to get the Steelers schedule the second it dropped. And it’s really ugly.

Wave that towel all you want- no way you folks are happy to open AT New England without Le’Veon Bell. There’s 0-1. But Steeler fans know it’s about the stretch run. Yeah, well, how’s this late season gauntlet grab you: AT Seattle. Against Indy. AT Cincy. Against Denver. AT Baltimore. Brutal. But not the worst.

Biggest losers in the league yesterday? The monsters of the midway.  The Bears have a brand new coach.  No quarterback. No Brandon Marshall.  Laughable early schedule.  Green Bay, Arizona, @Seattle.  Hate to call my shot 5 months early, but with the Bears I feel just fine. They always lose to Green Bay. And no way Seattle’s losing at home to Jimmy Clausen or Smokin’ Jay.  That’s 1-2 at best. 0-3 likely.

And that wasn’t even the worst news of the day: They have to go to Lambeau on Thanksgiving Day.  AND…. Brett Favre will reportedly have his 4 retired that night.  So in the middle of getting gutted again by Aaron Rodgers, the Bears have to reflect on the bygone days when they used to get gutted by the Slinger.

The biggest winners that day? Rodgers and Jordy fantasy owners.  Last night was a long night for me, this Fall’s going to be a long season for Chicago.  I need some 5-hour. And they look like 5-11.



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