King Dunlap jump ropes, Donald Butler talks Leadership

by Marty Caswell

Chargers left tackle King Dunlap, outside linebacker Donald Butler and kicker Nick Novak took part in the NFL PLAY 60 event at Montgomery-Waller Community Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Play 60 is designed to encourage kids to get 6o minutes of exercise a day, and the Chargers players did their part by demonstrating jump-roping, agility exercises and just finding ways to run around and have fun.

Ever wondered what a 6’9 man looks like when he’s jump roping? Neither did I but Dunlap showed his athleticism and Novak simply showed off. Check out the video above for more.


“It’s me. I think it’s just natural it goes to me. I’m the old-head in the room now, me and Kavell (Connor) which is kind of crazy.”

Donald Butler, on who steps up in Jarret Johnson’s leadership role




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