Like Brady, Spanos was once accused of playing loose with the rules

Dean Spanos

Some guys do just fine after fudging the rules and might we remind you of Dean Spanos? (And this has nothing to do with the Chargers not paying rent at Qualcomm Stadium.)

Spanos, the Bolts’ big cheese, knows a thing or two about his integrity being questioned. Not on the football field, please, and tell NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to settle down.

While the Patriots’ Tom Brady squirms in the league’s bad-boy corner, Goodell won’t be a heavy with Spanos.

Anyway, what’s the statue-of-limitations on “sandbagging?” That was the term a Chargers executive used years ago, when asked about Spanos’ golf game.

Spanos was accused of padding his handicap after winning the 1990 Bing Crosby Pro-Am at Pebble Beach.

While Spanos and long-time partner Hubert Green celebrated, others were green with envy over Spanos’ handicap: a forgiving 11-over-par.

Oh heaven, Spanos said, his rating was legit — even if his scores didn’t agree. But the rumbles and grumbles from the tournament’s powers-that-be were more than whispers.

Spanos, who also won that year’s Bob Hope Desert Classic Pro-Am, said his success was attributed to practicing. But despite Spanos being a two-time winner at Pebble Beach, he wasn’t invited back to defend his title in 1991.

There’s a lesson here for Brady.

Spanos rebounded and now has two cities thirsting for his NFL team, which is worth some $1 billion. That’s all fairways and downhill putts in Spanos’ world.

So Tarnished Tom, while there’s a dark cloud hovering, try to keep your chiseled chin off your chest. As Spanos discovered, better days were ahead. …

The Padres are one lucky bunch or didn’t you notice they got an off day in Seattle?

Maybe starting tonight Ian Kennedy and James Shields can make the Mariners go scoreless in Seattle?

Speaking of good fortune, the Padres miss ace Felix Hernandez on this trip as they vie for the Eddie Vedder Cup.

The Padres and Mariners, co-tenants of Peoria Sports Complex — think Chargers/Raiders in Carson — always have fun vying for the Vedder.

Vedder, Pearl Jam’s lead singer, got famous in Seattle. But he went to high school in Encinitas at San Dieguito. …

After two games at Safeco Field it’s back to Petco Park with two interesting series on deck.

First it’s the red-hot Nationals, winners of eight of 10 games, and we’ll see how sizzling Bryce Harper is and if Stephen Strasburg’s right wing is A-OK. He went only three innings in his last start because of a tight shoulder.

Then it’s the Cubs and we all know what a cool homecoming it’ll be for USD’s Kris Bryant. And yes, we recall saying that about Anthony Rizzo’s visits, when the one-time Padre came back. …

Tennis really is a sport of a lifetime and proof positive is more than 20 players, at least 70 years old, entered in the USTA National Senior Women’s Hard Court Championship at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. …

Rickie Fowler proved again he’s not golf’s Anna Kournikova.

Like the tennis-playing Kournikova, Fowler had good looks and a string of endorsements before winning. Fowler had won just once — one more than Kournikova did — before his thrilling playoff victory at Sunday’s Players Championship.

Fowler, who grew up in the Temecula area, is already a fan favorite with the way he interacts with galleries and younger patrons. His latest triumph will only add to his following. …

The Clippers are really one win shy of the Western Conference finals? Like me, others that attended their games at San Diego’s then-Sports Arena, find it hard to believe. …

What’s more surprising? Miami’s Dee Gordon hitting .425 or that the Dodgers are paying his salary to do it? …

San Diego State’s Lorena Bauer is the Mountain West Conference’s softball player of the year. She batted .519 (41 for 79) with 13 home runs, 37 RBIs and 26 runs in MW action.

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