Has CSAG given in to the Chargers?


The Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group (CSAG) is expected to announce its financing plan for building a new stadium by May 20th. The question is, has CSAG become too preoccupied with putting together a financing plan that the Chargers will say yes too, and forgot about the city? Scott Kaplan discusses.




4 thoughts on “Has CSAG given in to the Chargers?

  1. BigGreenPundit

    The ONLY chance to keep the Chargers is to give them what they want or watch them leave. They will be a more valuable business in LA, that’s a lock. So CSAG better do all it can to compete.

  2. skobro

    Scott, the city is the lose if the Chargers leave. How do you measure how much local tourism revenue is created when out of towners are watching a game in San Diego on t.v. and decide I want to get my family out of this frigid weather and take them to Sun Diego on a vacation. With tourism a major industry here, wouldn’t a tourist tax pay a substantial portion of the cost to build a new stadium especially a retractable roof extension of the convention center? Sure would sell a lot of empty condos downtown.

  3. skobro

    I just watched a tape delay of the Rangers/Capitals overtime game 7 hockey match which N.Y. won. I got chills listening to the fans go crazy. I want to experience that kind of frenzy when the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS win a superbowl. Come on San Diegans, imagine having that lasting memory the rest of your life! Or imagine regrets of not doing more if they leave town. To L.A? COME ON!!!