5/18 Morning Mighty: CSAG to announce stadium plan today

Big week for NFL, Rams, Raiders, Chargers – L.A. Daily News
In San Diego, the word I’m getting is Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s advisory committee is preparing to announce a stadium plan for the Chargers, perhaps as early as Monday afternoon. I’ve heard from a couple of sources the number $1.5 billion dollars being bandied about, and if that’s accurate it will be interesting to see how much of that $1.5 billion is devoted to the stadium and how much is committed to the bigger picture aspects of the Mission Valley development plan.

Padres Game Recap – May 17, 2015 – BobScanlan.com
Ever wonder why baseball players high five each other on the field after wins, and act so jubilant even though they play 162 games and even the worst teams will get to celebrate at least 60 times? The answer is because they know and appreciate how hard it is to win an MLB game. They understand how easily the tides of a ballgame can change, and how fickle lady luck can be. The Nationals were the team giving high fives at the end of this game in what ended up being a 10-5 win over the Padres and a 3-1 series victory.

When Is “Early” Too Late? Bud Black, Players Discuss Struggles (Story/Video) – Mighty 1090
The Padres have struggled to find consistency, and the common response is always that they’re working their way through some “early” issues that come with a new roster. Annie Heilbrunn looks into when it starts being too later to use the “early” excuse.

Harper, Nats drop Padres below .500 – UT San Diego
In San Diego, the some $109 million that the Padres owners poured into the Opening Day roster rates as this franchise’s most expensive product to date. Yet in the grand scheme of Major League Baseball, that investment ranks as somewhat less than middling, which – coincidentally or not – is one way to describe just how the Padres are lining up 39 games into this season.

What to Watch for in a Chargers Stadium Deal – Voice of San Diego
With Mayor Faulconer’s CSAG group expected to announce their financing plan for a new NFL stadium in San Diego today, here are the questions that need to be answered.

Clippers’ future looks foggy after epic playoff collapse – USA Today
The Clippers nearly lost to the Spurs and then blew a huge lead over the Rockets, and find themselves in a position where they will likely be stuck with the same roster (and the same flaws) for the next few years unless they blow it up and rebuild.

The Padres have been walloped for 10 runs of more in three of their last six games and manager Bud Black spoke of his concerns after the game. The one bright spot is the All-Star play of Justin Upton, who hit two more home runs on Sunday, bringing his team lead to 10. He talked with Marty Caswell about the mood in the locker room and how the team is trying to get better.


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