5/21 Morning Mighty: Chargers Stadium Plan Would Cost Taxpayers Almost $1 Billion

Upton homers, but missed chances cost Padres – Padres.com
It has become very difficult for the Padres to string together wins, and they once again lost last night after winning game 1 in their series against the Cubs. This time the culprit was poor hitting with runners in scoring position, which is something the Padres have been good at for most of this young season.

The Chargers Stadium Plan Would Cost Taxpayers Almost $1 Billion – Voice of San Diego
Now that analyst have had a few days to go over the CSAG stadium proposal, they still agree that everything inside of it seems fair. However, big concerns are being raised about what has been left out of it.

The Padres’ Biggest Problem – FanGraphs
The Padres have been giving up a lot more home runs than any other team in baseball this year, and that is actually a good thing for Padres fans.

What Will the Padres Do With Melvin Upton? – Padres Public
Assuming Wil Myers and Yonder Alonso are healthy by time Melvin Upton makes it back to the big-league team, who plays where (or who sits on the bench)?

Math Meets Football: Is the New Extra Point a Game-Changer? – The Players’ Tribune
It doesn’t take a probability theorist to know that the expected points (the sum of each possible point outcome times the likelihood of each occurring) of the two-point conversion is now higher than that of an extra point kick. It’s simple math, right? The expected points for two-point conversions is greater, so of course all 32 NFL teams are going to do away with extra points and go for two every time, right? Not so fast.

Trenton Brooks gets Tony Gwynn Trophy – UT San Diego
Nevada sophomore outfielder/pitcher Trenton Brooks was selected Wednesday for the Mountain West’s Tony Gwynn Player of the Year Trophy. It seems appropriate for a player with San Diego ties to receive the inaugural award named for the former San Diego State head coach.

Chargers’ Dean Spanos caught between San Diego’s history and Los Angeles’ lure – USA Today
Spanos personifies the uncertainty and shifting winds of the race to L.A. like few, if any, others. While he continues to pledge allegiance to San Diego, the actions say otherwise.

SDSU’s Pallares takes center stage – UT San Diego
Senior center fielder Steven Pallares leads the Aztecs into the Mountain West Baseball Tournament with an NCAA Tournament berth at stake.

Kris Bryant has already blossomed into a star and an offensive force, just a few weeks into his rookie season. He talked with Marty Caswell before the series against the Padres about what it is like to return back to San Diego, after starring for the USD Toreros and now the Cubs.


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2 thoughts on “5/21 Morning Mighty: Chargers Stadium Plan Would Cost Taxpayers Almost $1 Billion

  1. Mark Viguri

    of taxing more we can just build a smaller stadium. The R-A-I-D-E-R-S are fine
    with only a 58,000 seat stadium that will cut $200 million off the price and
    Mark Davis will put up $300 million. So now it’s $800 MIL (New at the ‘Q’) –
    $500 MIL (Chargers) = $300 MIL is what’s required for funding.

    If we demolish the existing stadium (you can pull a demo permit tomorrow) and
    build the new stadium in the exact spot the entire site, highway ramps, street
    lights, parking lot, trolley stop, even the sidewalks are 100% complete as is.
    That saves another $100 MIL

    $300 MIL (funding gap) – $100 (savings by building on top of NOT next to
    existing stadium) = $200 MIL (funding gap)

    ALL we need is a new stadium, that’s it. The Chargers rent covers $175 MIL so
    we are only talking about the fans coming up with $25 MIL to close the funding

    CUT the PORK out of this deal. The Riverwalk, selling 75 acres for development,
    a parking garage are NOT part of this project. Stop playing politics and just
    build the new stadium!

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