Scott & BR – Is Weddle being selfish by not attending OTAs?

Scott & BR ask the question: is Eric Weddle being selfish by not attending OTAs even though he’s still under contract?




3 thoughts on “Scott & BR – Is Weddle being selfish by not attending OTAs?

  1. rickochey

    all Eric is doing is making it easier for MM TT to evaluate his replacement. See if Eric was there he would be on the field.

  2. Chris S

    My perception hasn’t changed about weddle. He probably isn’t looking to be the top paid safety in the league probably top 10 would be safe. But the reason why I don’t blame him for holding out is he knows his career is coming to an end, he wants to set himself and his family financially for the long term. It’s funny how when a player holds out its cuz he’s selfish and greedy and not a team player, but when a team holds out on a player they’re smart and making a business decision. It goes both ways, quit bashing the guy for wanting an extension and making a business decison. He’ll be back once they start fining in him. No need to worry about this situation until he misses games anyways. I also think it’s funny how people will throw him under the bus so fast, but those same people will be saying he’s the best once he comes back. The media is just over blowing this situation cuz it’s the offseason. How about you guys give us reports about how the offensive line is progressing or paganos plan for the front 7? Something fans actually care about not some hold out that will blow over before the season starts!

  3. Rafael Solorzano

    I agree with Scott, Eric Weddle is under contract, so honor the contract!