Malcom Floyd says 2015 will be his last year

“This is it.”

Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd has defied all the odds, going from an undrafted free agent out of Wyoming to a solid 11-year career and one of Philip Rivers’ most trusted receivers.

Overcoming a scary neck injury in week two of the 2013 NFL season en route to starting all 16 games in 2014, a first for Floyd.

But this week, Floyd, a father of three children with a fourth on the way, says the 2015 season will be his last.

This is my last year. This is it. 12 years. I’ve been fortunate to play this long, this will probably be, I hope my best year, top of my prime before I start to taper off.  I kind of want to save it for my kids, you know. It’s a dangerous sport. I really do want to save it for my kids.”

“First of all, I do owe this city my body and a championship, so I’m going all in. My chips are all in this year.”

Floyd discusses his decision to walk away after the 2015 season and why he’s so impressed with wide receiver Stevie Johnson and cornerback Jason Verrett.



One thought on “Malcom Floyd says 2015 will be his last year

  1. Rafael Solorzano

    A proud and gentle player that has honored SD sports as a Charger for 12 seasons, hail to Malcolm Floyd!

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