Scott & BR- Even if vote were to pass, do Bolts want to stay?

Scott and BR wonder, if a vote for a new stadium in San Diego were to actually pass, is that what the Chargers really want?




6 thoughts on “Scott & BR- Even if vote were to pass, do Bolts want to stay?

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  2. Rex Racer

    December is too long. The City has no sense of urgency. This needs to happen in the next couple of months. The race against Kroenke runs at a faster pace than the City of SD’s Club Med attitude. Bring them to LA! There are a lot more Charger fans here than you think. Go Bolts!!!!

  3. Doug Snyder

    Scott BR even if the Chargers do want to stay in San Diego… which is anyone guess. Do the NFL owners want the Chargers to stay in San Diego? I do like that the mayor has put the ball in the Chargers court. Now does San Diego win the Super Bowl this year? Hear me out… if the chargers want to get a stadium vote passed in SD. and they have a great season the community will vote to build a new stadium no Problem! San Diegans Love A Winner…Padres don’t get a stadium without going to the World Series. Now lets say Chargers want to leave and go to LA. a lot of people could care less if the Chargers go up there. Only way for them to be any kind of factor in the LA. sports market is for them to win the Super Bowl!

  4. Cecil Treadwell

    With the Spanos family owning them, the CHARGERS will remain the FARM TEAM they currently are no matter where they play.
    The NFL owners realize this, but can’t do much about it.
    The Spanos family reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies owning a mansion in Beverly Hills, but not demonstrating the means or desire to properly furnish the rooms in that mansion.
    They do everything on the cheap and are the laughing stock of the NFL.

  5. Cecil Treadwell

    There are a lot more SOCCER fans in San Diego than most people think or realize including you perhaps.
    There are currently far more SOCCER fans in San Diego than there are American style football fans or even CHARGER fans.
    Which group of tax-paying citizens in San Diego do you think deserve the highest consideration when planning a new stadium in San Diego?
    CHARGER fans are part of the OLD REALITY that now constitutes a MINORITY sports interest in San Diego.
    How do they deserve top consideration?
    The CHARGERS need to swallow their pride and be prepared to play SECOND FIDDLE to a PROFESSIONAL SOCCER team in San Diego.
    This is the NEW REALITY.
    GO SOCCER!!!!