Mayor Kevin Faulconer Fires back at the Chargers

One day after the Chargers released a statement saying the City’s proposed December vote was a no-go, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, city attorney Jan Goldsmith & county supervisor Ron Roberts lashed out at the team for refusing to negotiate with the city and trying to run out the clock.



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16 thoughts on “Mayor Kevin Faulconer Fires back at the Chargers

  1. dane

    Would The Mighty 1090 encourage a city-wide boycott of the San Diego Chargers 2015 season, ticket sells, merchandize sells, support (etc. etc. etc.) if the Chargers continue to show little effort to stay? I’m ready to completely abandon this team.

  2. Rex Racer

    San Diego should do just the opposite. This fan base has always been weak. The lack of loyalty is the reason San Diego is losing this team. Spanos would never consider leaving if we had loyal fans. Season ticket holders sell to fans of visiting teams so we have a sea of orange at the Bronco games, or black at Raider games. The lack of fan support has always puzzled me for a city of 9 million people. Green Bay, Seattle, San Francisco and Denver all got stadiums because their fans show up to games through thick and thin.

    Try something different for a change. Show up and be a 12th man like Seattle has. Scream your lungs out. Wear blue and fill the stadium with blue jerseys. That would get Dean’s attention more than a 2000 person save our bolts rally. Make noise for a change.

  3. concernedcitizen20099

    San Diego should should play “hard ball” with
    the Chargers and have the December election
    about the New Chargers stadium in San Diego
    whether the Chargers like It or Not.

    Chargers still must get the majority of NFL owners to approve any deal and/or move to LA.

    With both the Rams and Raiders also
    wanting to go move to LA.,
    the League will only approve 2 teams maximum
    to go to LA.l according to NFL officials.

    If San Diego has a viable, approved stadium deal
    on the table by the 2016 NFL meetings,
    then there is a very good chance
    that the Chargers will not receive NFL
    league approval to move to LA/Carson.

    The Rams/Inglewood/LA deal is much
    further along and more likely to be approved by the NFL.
    The 2nd team in LA then would go as a Tenant to
    share the Rams stadium in Inglewood
    with much less financial windfall and can flow as a Tenant.

    Just 1 team the Raiders Or the Chargers are not viable for the Carson deal.

    And, the NFL will not allow or approve 3 teams for LA.

  4. joerockt

    Lol, the entire COUNTY is only 3 millon guy. Its a small market with a ton of non natives who are fans of other teams.

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  6. concernedcitizen20099

    I am not mad.
    Chargers and other NFL teams
    have been playing Cities for corporate welfare for years.
    Cities ate getting smart and not falling for the BS games by sports leagues and team owners

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  8. Lars Guinard

    This was Spanos’ plan from the start, along with his company stooge Fabiani. The Chargers are gone, but if I were the City of San Diego, I would petition the NFL to not let Spanos keep the Chargers name if he moves to Carson. Keep the name here and work on building a new stadium without Spanos and Fabiani around to sabotage the plans.

  9. Cecil Treadwell

    Mayor Faulconer and the City Council must forge ahead with TRUE VISION for the FUTURE of the TOTAL SPORTS NEEDS of San Diego.
    SOCCER is the CENTERIECE SPORT around which a new stadium should be built.
    The CHARGERS or another NFL team can use it the 10 days out of the year they would need it unless they make the playoffs.
    On the other hand, SOCCER fans will fill a modern stadium year round with their overwhelming fervor for the sport.
    The University of Phoenix Stadium is the OPERATIONAL MODEL San Diego must study and be inspired by.
    The 2.1 acre natural turf field rolls outside the stadium so it can get optimum sunlight between games. It takes a little more than an hour to roll it back inside the stadium.
    This natural turf field in Glendale, Arizona is the favorite field for NFL teams to play on.
    The most recent Super Bowl was played on it.
    The 122-acre parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium is HUGE.
    San Diego has plenty of room to have at least TWO such fields.
    At least ONE for SOCCER and at least one for FOOTBALL.
    A grand vision for the NEXT GENERATION MULTI PURPOSE STADIUM in San Diego would constitute a WIN – WIN – WIN SOLUTION for all concerned.
    This would attract corporate funding competition the likes of which the City has never witnessed.
    Women’s sports need equal consideration in this GRAND VISION.
    Do we have TRUE VISIONARIES in our City Government?
    Only time will tell.

  10. Cecil Treadwell

    SOCCER is the new sport around which a next generation multi-purpose stadium should be designed.
    American style football will not fade much in popularity, but SOCCER is the sport that will soon DWARF it in popularity in the San Diego market.
    This is the NEW REALITY and our City Council Members and Mayor must make prudent adjustments accordingly.

  11. Cecil Treadwell

    Well said.
    Spanos has been doubling down though by buying out other part owners of the Chargers.
    He is an equity billionaire with most of his NET WORTH derived from the value of the CHARGERS.
    He has been pursuing an OLD PARADIGM that is now turning sour and is no longer working.
    A NEW REALITY is now in effect and our City Government must take that into consideration.
    We don’t need the CHARGERS to stay here in San Diego and we don’t need to cater to them by building a stadium where they will be on the field only 10 days a year unless they make the playoffs.
    A new stadium built PRIMARILY for the sport of SOCCER is the way to go.
    The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is the OPERATIONAL MODEL our Mayor and members of the City Council should be studying.
    This is the stadium the most recent Super Bowl was played at and the stadium the upcoming Gold Cup Soccer Tournament will be played at as well.
    San Diego has a much better climate for hosting both events and we should be motivated to build the kind of stadium that will attract their interest.
    The men’s and women’s WORLD CUP could be played here and countless exhibition matches between INTERNATIONAL SOCCER teams could be played here as well.
    SOCCER is the sport that will fill a stadium in San Diego month after month with enthusiastic fans.
    Keep the ticket prices reasonable and entire families will show up and ready to spend more money once they arrive at the stadium.

  12. Cecil Treadwell

    The sport of SOCCER is now the main driving force in the San Diego market and beyond.
    SOCCER is well on the way to DWARFING football as the no. 1 spectator sport in San Diego.
    We need a men’s MLS team in San Diego.
    We need a women’s professional soccer team in San Diego as well.
    The fan base would be strong for both.
    Be sure to watch the upcoming match between France and Germany in the Women’s World Cup.
    You will see how magnificent a sport soccer really is and how entertaining it can be when played by top notch athletes like the members of the French and German teams.
    “Try something different for a change” – WATCH SOME SOCCER.

  13. concernedcitizen20099

    They sure turn out huge crowds when Mexico plays the US team in

    San Diego.

  14. Cecil Treadwell

    Football has a relatively short season compared to that of SOCCER.
    We will see how full the University of Phoenix Stadium gets when they host two games in the Gold Cup July 12.
    Build a new stadium designed primarily around the sport of SOCCER and the stadium will be filled with SOCCER fans many months out of the year.