Dean Spanos says he won’t sell Chargers

Lately — amidst all the chaos regarding the San Diego stadium situation — it’s been rumored that Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos might move the Chargers to Los Angeles and sell the team his father, Alex, bought in 1984.

In an interview with Mighty1090’s own Annie Heilbrunn for a story on Dean Spanos and his sons, John and A.G., Dean touched on what the team means to his family and how there are no plans to sell it:




14 thoughts on “Dean Spanos says he won’t sell Chargers

  1. OBomb

    Dean Spanos is a fool and has no business being the chairman of an NFL franchise. Plain and simple. He didn’t build up a real estate empire in Northern California, his father did. He didn’t buy an NFL franchise, his father did. He didn’t learn the in’s and out’s of the NFL industry before taking control of a franchise, his sons (ironically) did. Between Beathard/Ross, Schottenheimer/Smith, Seau, Harrison, (earlier this year) Rivers, (now) Weddle, Turner/Smith, and now the stadium issue, he has proven himself inept time and time again. Certainly the city shares some of the blame with this stadium impasse. But we can’t fail to acknowledge the sour history between the Spanos family and the city. Not all of this is Dean’s fault, but he was in charge of the team’s day-to-day operation longer than his father. The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has no business expertise as it pertains to operating a football franchise whatsoever. Not all of this incompetence can be laid at the feet of the city as it relates to the stadium issue.

    His dad gave him the keys to the Cadillac in 1994 and save for a few winning seasons, has done nothing to keep it up. No new stadium, no Super Bowl title; he’s no Rooney or Mara offspring. Despite the tainted image he and his father brought their organization as it related to the ticket guarantee in the 1990s, he felt it would be wise to hire a combative, insulting, distrustful, and angry lawyer to get him a new stadium in a city that already distrusted the Spanos name and yet he wonders why 14 years later that city has hardly helped him in his quest. He then had a chance to sell a portion of the team to AEG while retaining the Spanos family’s tut-ledge in the organization and he turned it down, all the while AEG was going to bankroll Farmer’s Field for him and ensure that the Chargers would be king in LA. No business sophistication whatsoever, and he allows his lawyer to call the city unsophisticated? Brilliant.

    Now he’s in the undesirable position of losing his LA leverage to the far-wealthier Stan Kroenke while risking getting nothing done in San Diego. There’s no promise that the owners will let him get to Carson before the far more resourced Kroenke moves the Rams to Inglewood with or without the NFL’s approval. And while he may end up sharing Kroenke’s palace someday (which actually probably is better than sharing it with the near-insolvent Raiders), it will be a less desirable situation to be in than the one AEG promised him. After paying an exorbitant relocation fee that will hurt his franchise’s finances, he’ll then lose major corporate sponsorships and PSL sales to Kroenke who already will have (re)established the Rams’ place in the market that the Chargers could have had in LA had they made a deal with AEG. Regardless of what happens, the Chargers are not going to get what they want and they won’t be as well off as they might think they will be in Los Angeles. They probably won’t get a new stadium in San Diego, but they certainly won’t be getting a new stadium in Carson either. A smarter businessman is already building a new stadium in Inglewood.

    If Mr. Spanos’ plan is to keep control of the Chargers within his family, I certainly hope future generations are more intelligent, business savy, and decisive than he is.

  2. David

    I have argued for a new Stadium for San Diego lock step with the Chargers efforts. This past week they have completely lost me. I have tolerated Fabiani being wholly unlikable for the past 13 years, but his name calling and antics the past month has been way over the line. And his actions obviously at the behest of the Spanos family.

    I can live with rooting against the Chargers for the rest my life. I’ll be a fan of whoever their opponent is week to week.

    San Diego State can annex Mission Valley and build a nice sized college football stadium. Spanos, through Fabiani, has lost a great deal of his supporters this past week. He is done in San Diego and DOA in LA. They way over played their hand.

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  4. Lars Guinard

    Why would he sell? He’s never done an honest days work in his life, and he wants the same for his family until the end of time. In any other line of work, he would have been fired a million times over. This fight appears to be over, but if I were the city of San Diego, I would petition the NFL to not let Spanos keep the Chargers name, like Cleveland did for the Browns. With Spanos and Fabiani no longer around to sabotage any stadium deal, the city would have a better chance to build a stadium and attract another team and keep the Chargers name in San Diego.

  5. Cecil Treadwell

    The CHARGERS are worth about $995 million. Alex Spanos is worth $1.2 billion.
    Not much wiggle room or real leverage there. The CHARGERS need to be owned by a REAL BILLIONAIRE. Smoke, mirrors, and bluff have constituted most of the Spanos ownership of the CHARGERS. They are TIGHTWADS with ZERO IMAGINATION or VISION.
    The Spanos family are the BANE of San Diego and the BANE of the NFL.
    The sport of SOCCER has surpassed football in popularity within the San Diego market and beyond. Soon, SOCCER will DWARF American style football in popularity within the San Diego market.
    This NEW REALITY will not marginalize the CHARGERS but will include the CHARGERS. But only in an entirely new context whereby they will have to understand they will now be required to defer to the greater popularity of SOCCER within the San Diego market.
    The design and funding of any new sports stadium must take this NEW REALITY into consideration.
    SOCCER will be the new revenue generating sport for the City of San Diego.
    We can have the Super Bowl played here, but that is only one event.
    On the other hand, we can have countless SOCCER matches and SOCCER TOURNAMENTS played here that will fill a modern stadium with enthusiastic fans again and again.
    Women’s sports must get equal consideration in all of this and might very well be the basis of getting much needed funding for the building of a new stadium.
    Wouldn’t it be something if a women’s professional SOCCER team would draw more paying fans in a season than the CHARGERS currently do in theirs.
    A modern multi-purpose stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is the kind of stadium we need in San Diego, BUT it should have a minimum of TWO portable natural turf fields. One for SOCCER and one for FOOTBALL.
    The 166-acre site Qualcomm Stadium currently occupies is HUGE in comparison to most other sites where modern stadiums are located.
    San Diego can build a multi-purpose stadium complex that would be the envy of the world.
    It all hinges on funding.
    Giving women’s sports EQUAL USAGE for a modern sports complex might be the key to getting most or all of this major project paid for in advance.
    This must be a project guarantee. A whole variety of funds for the advancement of opportunities for women could be made available contingent upon this guarantee.
    This is a potential operational model for the funding of multi-purpose stadium complexes throughout the USA.

  6. Cecil Treadwell

    Many valid points you have made here. I feel sorry and angry for the CHARGERS because it isn’t their fault they are owned by such an intransigent TIGHTWAD like Mr. Spanos.
    The same GREEK BAILOUT MODEL will no longer work for the Spanos family.
    Times have changed and the people of San Diego are sick of this GREEDY and SELFISH Spanos family expecting the San Diego taxpayers to build them a stadium.
    The sport of SOCCER is now king in the San Diego market and beyond.
    SOCCER will soon DWARF football in popularity in San Diego.
    The time has passed for Mr. Spanos to EXTRACT his dream stadium from our pockets.

  7. Cecil Treadwell

    The City needs to step back and wait for the Chargers to leave.
    They need to see the big picture and factor the future into a new stadium complex.
    The Mayor and City Council members need to build a facility that would meet the TOTAL SPORTS NEEDS of the citizens of San Diego.
    That would necessarily include women’s sports.
    It would also require the sport of SOCCER to become the flagship sport driving revenue for the City.
    San Diego is the perfect city to be the home town of a men’s MLS team AND a women’s professional soccer team.
    A modern stadium designed PRIMARILY around the sport of SOCCER will be filled with enthusiastic SOCCER fans all year round in this wonderful climate.
    San Diego could be a host city in the men’s and the women’s WORLD CUP.
    San Diego could host the Gold Cup Soccer Tournament like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona will be doing next month. This is the same stadium they just played Super Bowl 49 at.
    And this is the stadium design that San Diego should emulate, but with a minimum of TWO portable natural turf fields.
    One FULL WIDTH natural turf SOCCER field and one natural turf football field.
    The 122-acre parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium has plenty of room to hold FOUR different playing fields parked outside the stadium and would free up the interior of the stadium for other public events.

  8. Manuel Sosa

    If Dean doesn’t fire Fabiani it means that he validates everything he is doing and saying to disrespect the fans and the Mayor of San Diego.

    And I don’t understand Why everyone says that the chargers will be better financially in LA. Yes the product will worth more, but who is going to buy the product.
    Yes LA is the second biggest NFL market, but LA native are most Raiders fans, some Rams, cowboys and Steelers fans and you have the people that didn’t grow up in LA that support their home teams and all of them come to San Diego to watch their beloved team play against the chargers and end up getting in big brawls with them every time they come. so trust me when I tell you that LA hates the Chargers.

    I know that their is some Chargers fans in LA, but most of them grow up in San Diego and just like us will not supports anything that has LA in front of it, if Dean doesn’t believe me, I want him to wear a chargers jersey in down town LA and if he doesn’t get the finger with in five n minutes I will donate 1000$ to his favorite foundation

  9. Cecil Treadwell

    San Diego State Aztec football and college SOCCER should be factored into a new multi-use stadium for sure.
    A modern stadium would attract plenty of Aztec season ticket holders.

  10. Jeffrey Madruga

    Football-wise Dean Spanos is, has been, and will always be: the south end of a north-bound horse. This is clear and the record. But the larger lesson for our city (San Diego) and future generations everywhere is the Spanos’ example of exactly *WHY* nepotism is detrimental. Just as “two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right”, multiple unskilled, incompetent, craven, lazy, completely clueless and just plain stupid members of a management “team” family have even less of a chance of ever getting anything done right than complete strangers might. The adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is equally true even if that apple is rotten; and that’s been the case here in San Diego for 30 Godforsaken seasons. I can’t make the Spanos’ want to keep their team in San Diego (and personally, while I’ve loved the Chargers all my life, I can’t wait for the Spanos’ to leave town) anymore than I can make them competent in Carson or Timbuktu. It’s impossible, and history spells it out: The Spanos’ can change their football address and paint a horse to look like a zebra, but they will always, always, always be the south end of that “zebra”.

  11. Esteban

    Everybody talking about soccer being king in san diego are all high. Right now im in portland oregon where soccer is much more popular here than in sd but blazers still are king of city.The nfl is king in AMERICA and will be for sometime. Rather have a NFL stadium built with tax payer money than giving it to crooked politicians who run sd and usa. Any body bitch about the 2.3TRILLION that was lost by gov in 2001 right before 911. All u are the same “well you can go spanos and take your team with you” we wont care,,,,ya thats why u are all crap fans. Chargers have been talking about stadium since 02,,,but the 100 mayors that sd has had in last ten years would rather fu@k prostitutes and other illegal things than do any competent work on trying to figure out a solution. Hope chargers stay in sd but not looking good. Thanks alot corrupt sd government.

  12. Erik S

    He and his yuppie larva kids are entitle, accomplish nothing, spoiled little pukes who were GIVEN an NFL football team to play with. The entire clan dying in a house fire would be nothing short of poetic justice, as far as I’m concerned….there’s always hope!

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