Have Padres’ players recovered from Bud Black’s firing?

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It’s not about leaving their heart. It’s about finding their voice.

The Padres are in San Francisco for three games starting Tuesday night and won’t this be fun. We’ll see the sparkling bay, the world champs, Bruce Bochy’s familiar mug and gimpy giddy-up and yeah, we remember when he wore the local’s No. 15, too.

But in peaking at Boch — how can you miss his noggin’! – we listen for Murph. Pat Murphy has been on the Padres’ top step for a week and raise a hand if you notice a difference?

Not many out there.

General manager A.J. Preller’s grand offseason experiment continues to shine in a beaker but not so much between the lines.

Seven games of post-Buddy Black has exposed more of the Padres’ blemishes than colored them. In losing five of seven, happy days aren’t quite here again.

But roster reconstruction is for another time. There is no perfect team, as Preller reminds us, and certainly we can pick at this one.

What’s clear is why Preller on June 15 showed Black the clubhouse door. After Black’s eight-plus seasons, Preller wanted managerial lungs inside that clubhouse that rattle the door.

Maybe Murphy’s message is such that it must marinate. That the winning nuances of a career college and minor-league coach resonate more after an extended time in his big-league debut.

We get sample size and that always rings true. Especially with those spicy Gilroy Garlic Fries on AT&T Park’s third-base line. The line on Murphy’s Padres at 34-38? Please forward if knowing because we can’t see the fourth-place Padres being better.

While we praise Murphy’s two wins and Matt Kemp’s GPS locating his home run stroke, many thought a shakeup of that magnitude would be evident in San Francisco. But even little cable cars that climb halfway to the stars get derailed occasionally and that ugly second-inning in Sunday’s Padres loss is a reminder of what happens then.

Here’s another notion: The shock of Black’s dismissal had to be absorbed.

Often when a manager is fired it’s the team brass staying one step ahead of the clubhouse. There’s a vibe that comes from players when they tune out a leader or decide they’re done with his approach.

None of those vibes were coming from the Padres uniformed employees. It wasn’t the spikes-and-seeds contingent grumpy over Black.

But others disagreed and where’s the Murphy’s Pub to debate the Black-for-Murphy swap over an Irish Coffee? Murphy’s Pub is off an alley near Kearny and Sutter streets, near San Francisco’s bustling Financial District.

But be warned that Murphy’s Pub gets very noisy, making it a challenge to order a beverage. Just like Preller hopes he has with Murphy, bring a strong, loud voice.


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