Unnamed Soccer Show – USWNT seals place among legends

Darren and Jordan break down the USWNT’s dominating 5-2 win over Japan in the 2015 Women’s World Cup Final and discuss how this team has now sealed its place among the greatest teams in women’s soccer history.




4 thoughts on “Unnamed Soccer Show – USWNT seals place among legends

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  2. Cecil Treadwell

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  3. Cecil Treadwell

    Building new small, medium, and large stadiums is the best way to advance the opportunities of girl’s and women’s soccer. Each community must move forward prudently in accordance with its own demand for soccer, but soccer will overtake football in overall popularity.

  4. Cecil Treadwell

    When you watch the men’s World Cup you soon understand how grueling the process is from day one. Three intense matches in a week’s time. Only three substitutions per game!
    It doesn’t take long to understand the youngest teams have the edge in prevailing to the later rounds. Experience is important, but endurance and quick rejuvenation are even more important. The women’s team is going to have to be younger and younger with each successive World Cup in order to be competitive in the context of other younger and better prepared teams becoming the norm.