WATCH: Padres fans sound off on trade deadline

Should the Padres buy or sell? What pieces should they move or keep? Fans discuss.




One thought on “WATCH: Padres fans sound off on trade deadline

  1. Anthony Sardo

    Move Kennedy and Cashner to revamp minor league systems… Possibly Beniot as well. Padres need pitching help in rotation and bullpen, as well reliable fielders. Gyorko middlebrooks alonso all should be on the block as well. It looks like we are having melvin upton for awhile so why not use that as leverage to try and resign justin upton??? hes got to like playing with his brother and in beautiful san diego. right? spangenberg has impressed during his time at second and his speed is a game changer. solarte’s scrappiness has also impressed, and if he can try to stop hitting for power his average should come up… just leaves a big hole at short stop. Love Ninja amarista but hes not getting it done with the bat… simple as that. Kemp venable upton upton jr for outfielders
    myers at first spangenberg at second. need a ss. solarte? at third, norris behind the dish