VIDEO: NFL Exec VP Eric Grubman on his meeting with the city of San Diego

NFL Executive VP Eric Grubman on his three hour meeting with the  City of San Diego, if they’re making any progress and have a credible plan and if he’ll encourage the Chargers to get back to negotiations.




18 thoughts on “VIDEO: NFL Exec VP Eric Grubman on his meeting with the city of San Diego

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    You can see and hear the same old naïve expectations in the posing of these questions. So sad. He was nonetheless polite and tactful with his answers, but there will be no rabbits being pulled from hats in this process. ITS ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING!!!!!

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    The look in his eyes tells it all. He is going through the motions and is phrasing everything in the most tactful way. Our questions demonstrate the level of denial and false hope many of us are still gripped by. Eric Grubman is so accustomed to answering these ‘hungry’ questions. He remains a soft spoken gentleman throughout.

  3. Cecil Treadwell

    The City of San Diego has NOT been ‘thorough’ with their plan if they haven’t INCLUDED the sport of SOCCER as an EQUAL in that plan.

  4. Cecil Treadwell

    The City of San Diego has NOT been ‘thorough’ with their plan if their proposed new stadium has been designed expressly for the narrow and selfish needs of the CHARGERS who will need use of that stadium only 10 days each year.

  5. whoever

    If you’re thinking MLS, the MLS wants teams in 20,000-seat soccer-specific stadiums. Not 70,000-seat football stadiums, serving as sub-tenants.

  6. Corrinna

    There is SDSU, for one. I think if you are not behind the scenes, you cannot make the claim you are stating.

  7. Cecil Treadwell

    What the MLS wants is to expand without having to wait for people devoid of vision to finally decide just exactly what they want. What you just stated is changing even as we speak. St. Louis is seeking a common situation with a MLS team whereby they will share a new stadium. The growth of MLS soccer has been systematic and realistic, but the astronomical success of the USWNT in the Olympics and World Cup competition has caused popularity of soccer in the U.S. to explode. 17,000 youths have signed up for soccer so far in ALABAMA. That is a 143% increase over last year!
    The final figure is expected to exceed 20,000 by fall. What will the total figure for all 50 states be? How will all this translate to the size of future crowds who will want to watch a quality match? There will be no end to the shortage of quality fields relative to the number of players who want to play on them. Let’s use our heads, modern science, and build the kind of next generation multi-use stadiums like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where the most recent Super Bowl was played and where a double-header in the Gold Cup was played July 12. This ingenious stadium design can be taken one step further by having at least TWO portable natural Bermuda grass fields that can easily move in and out of the stadium proper. One for soccer and one for football. This minimizes wear and tear on one field otherwise being shared by two sports. It also avoids the need to put different lines down for different boundaries etc. Football players and soccer players can coexist amicably and lucratively with this stadium design and cities can maximize revenue with the quantum flexibility this design represents.
    Alternate events can take place within the stadium while both fields are parked safely outside. You can’t tell me MLS teams don’t want to play in front of the same size crowds huge stadiums in other parts of the world provide.

  8. Cecil Treadwell

    The world never has revolved around NFL football. That’s reality.
    Soccer is the only sport that has come close to that.
    The taxpayers are not going to pay for a new stadium expressly for the Chargers. Don’t blame me for that.

  9. Cecil Treadwell

    These forums are not designed for people ‘behind the scenes’.
    Senator Marty Block’s proposal to annex the current Qualcomm site for a much needed expansion of San Diego State is a sound proposal for almost everyone concerned except the CHARGERS and their fans. A stadium is proposed for Aztec football that will also be used for professional soccer.
    Once the air clears, we might see things move quickly in that direction.

  10. whoever

    Has MLS said they would put a team in a new 70,000-seat football stadium in Saint Louis or is this just an idea by Saint Louis? We just got our MLS team back in San Jose and they moved into an 18,000-seat soccer stadium a few months ago. Even though Levi’s Stadium (68,000 seats) is 4 miles away.

  11. Cecil Treadwell

    St. Louis wants to have a new stadium approved by the taxpayers and having it serve as home to a MLS team as well as the NFL Rams could be key to having taxpayers approve a new stadium complex. A more concrete example is Atlanta where a new stadium is being constructed for the Falcons, but is also being designed for soccer. The MLS expansion team Atlanta United FC will be playing there when the stadium is complete.
    The only downside is the field will be artificial for both teams.

  12. whoever

    Once again, MLS wants its franchises playing in their own soccer-specific stadiums with 18,000-20,000 seats. They don’t want them as subtenants in 70,000-seat football stadiums. Some of these people really ought to consult with the MLS regarding its stadium requirements. No one should be building an NFL stadium with the intent of having an MLS team as a subtenant. That’s not what MLS wants.

  13. Cecil Treadwell

    Waiting for the planets to align perfectly like they have in Atlanta is not a good way for MLS to grow predictably and steadily. But that is no reason to think professional soccer players don’t want to play for crowds larger than 20,000. Have you ever seen a Seattle Sounders game at Century Link Field? They don’t open all sections of the stadium for their usual 38,500 crowds, but certain games have exceeded 67,000 fans. The seating arrangement in the new Atlanta stadium has been designed to accommodate soccer matches while retaining that more intimate feel.

  14. Cecil Treadwell

    What MLS ‘currently’ wants. I’m looking more to a future that will arrive faster than most any of us have projected.
    Now that the MOTHER GODDESSES of the USWNT have taken over the full responsibility of nurturing the sport of soccer within the U.S. market and beyond, the sky is now the limit. The people managing MLS need to adjust their ‘wants’ accordingly.

  15. Cecil Treadwell

    Realistic expansion, venue use freedom without having to schedule around another franchise schedule, and having those damnable field lines from another sport to contend with are all considerations for sure. Being a sub-tenant in Levi’s Stadium would be too pricey as well.