Brandon Flowers on building camaraderie, why he’s gone vegan & what excites him about this team

by Marty Caswell

It’s hard not to get excited about this Chargers secondary between the daily, spectacular plays in practice by second-year cornerback Jason Verrett, who showed glimpses of brilliance in an injury-marred 2014 season. But manning the other of the field is Brandon Flowers and I asked him just how long it takes for a secondary to develop true chemistry.

“I think it takes like 2 or three days. Just to know where everyone is going to drop back because different players play different positions differently. So you’ve got to know who you’re playing with on the field, how he likes to play the game that we’re approaching so it takes about three days. Today was a great start. We’ve just got to build on it.”

Few things are more entertaining during practice than watching the defensive back/wide receiver drills and Flowers explained the difference in covering Malcom Floyd versus Keenan Allen.

“Malcom Floyd is very quick twitch. He likes to get off the line instantly, he likes to get on his route. With Keenan Allen, he’s more patient. You’ve got to try and sit in there. He’s very agile at the line. He can move very good at the line of scrimmage so it’s hard to get a good hand on him but when you do, you’ve got to try to control him.”

Flowers look noticeably fitter than ever. He says the big difference was his decision to go with a vegan diet, which he started nearly two months ago.

“During OTA’s I was up there in weight even though I felt like I was eating ok. Just going vegan, I just got just the history of being a vegan, how to fix your body and everything like that, so I fell in love with it. I lost 12 pounds, a good 12 pounds coming into training camp so I feel good, I’ve got to keep building on it.”

It’s common to see burgers from Hodad’s on the grill after practice and Popeye’s chicken in the locker room on Fridays during the season, but Flowers said he’s not going to miss eating meat.

“You know it wasn’t tough at all because everything that I love, you can have something that tastes just like it. It’s what I had to figure out. You don’t just cut out the taste of having a hamburger. They have vegan hamburgers that taste like hamburgers you know so why not go with that instead of putting the meat of an animal inside your body.”

For now, Flowers plans to motivate himself to keep getting better and take nothing for granted, including being a starter, veteran or not. New contract or not.

“Everybody’s battling. Myself, Jason Verrett. Even though I’m a vet in this league Patrick Robinson’s playing good ball, Stevie Williams, everybody’s competing for that starting job at every position so the way everybody’s working here, I love it.”



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5 thoughts on “Brandon Flowers on building camaraderie, why he’s gone vegan & what excites him about this team

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    Good to see him serious about proper dieting, but he needs to do it properly to make sure he doesn’t short himself any essential nutrients.

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