8/12 TMM: Colin Rea wins his MLB debut

San Diego Padres pitcher Colin Rea

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Colin Rea Gets The Win In His Padres Debut – Mighty 1090
Padres pitcher Colin Rea had his major league debut Tuesday night, and it was a memorable one as the Padres beat the Reds 11-6.

Danny Woodhead and Branden Oliver Have Formed Family Like Bond – Chargers.com
With countless hours spent together, teammates inevitably grow close bonds over their careers. Still, few grow as close as Woodhead and Oliver have become as they’ve formed a true family bond.

VIDEO: D.J. Fluker On Comfort Level & Expectations At RG, Barksdale On His Best Fit
Fluker discusses his comfort level at right guard and how he’d react if the Chargers moved him inside. Barksdale, who started all 16 games at right tackle for the Rams last season, on his best fit on the offensive line.

Taking a Closer Look at the City’s Stadium Proposal – Bolts from the Blue
It doesn’t matter (for the moment) that the City’s initial offer wasn’t perfect. It was good enough to demonstrate to the NFL that San Diego wants to keep their team.

NFL EVP Eric Grubman Says San Diego Has Made “Significant Progress” – Mighty 1090
Marty Caswell gives a fantastic summary of what has happened between the Chargers, the City of San Diego, and the NFL over the last week of stadium discussions, and calls our Carmen Policy for thinking that San Diegans would still root for the Chargers if the team were to relocate to Los Angeles.

NFL Says San Diego Has Work to Do to Keep the Chargers – NBC San Diego
An NFL team in L.A. immediately becomes worth more than $2 billion and makes it among the top-15 most valuable sports franchises on the planet. When you see it from that perspective, it’s amazing San Diego and St. Louis are still in the running to hold on to their teams at all.

VIDEO: Dropping Knowledge – Chargers Will Do What They Want
Dan Sileo says the Chargers and the NFl didn’t get rich by making good deals, they got rich by cutting people out, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the stadium situation in San Diego.

I am an athlete, which means I choose to destroy my body – SB Nation
An amazing look into what drives professional athletes to take risks that they know will end with long-term pain and suffering.

Roger Goodell, Tom Brady heading to court for Deflategate hearing today – USA Today
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, with the backing of the Players Association, will appear in a Southern District of New York court Wednesday morning, opposite NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league in a status/settlement conference before Judge Richard M. Berman.

The Browns Have Discussed Signing Ray Rice – Deadspin
It’s been two years since we’ve seen Ray Rice on a football field. It’s been three years since he was an effective running back. It would take a team fairly desperate in the backfield to consider Rice as a possible answer. Oh, hello Browns!



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