Did Chargers miss out on Bruce Arians?

In this week’s Road to Sunday, Joe Tutino and Jay Paris talk Bruce Arians/Mike McCoy, Philip Rivers’ new contract, and the Chargers run game.




One thought on “Did Chargers miss out on Bruce Arians?

  1. jack Harris

    Good evening,
    As a life long Chargers fan its painful to process the current events surrounding this team. It is time however for the city of San Diego to stop getting bully ragged by the Chargers and NFL. My take is for the Mayor to call the city leaders in STL, OAK and stand the NFL on its head. Instead of negotiating from a point of weakness, turn the tables, simply give these teams a firm deadline to negotiate or get out with no chance of the NFL returning to these markets. That’s right NFL your blackballed and will never return to these markets, a lifetime ban. The other thing, your done playing in these markets at the end of this year. So you can scratch 3 major markets from your list . I would further contact other cities and have them join in giving notice that no new venues will be built on tax payer dollars going forward. Its really that simple, city officials have the power if they band together and stop the madness. It will never end otherwise, what’s new today will be old tomorrow and then here we go again. I’m not against a fair tax payer deal either, just not for extortion from billionaires. So Chargers you can stay here or get lost, and for the record I’m only a fan because you represent this city. If you move, you are dead to me, I could find a new team but wont, you will have unplugged the NFL from my life. Oh by the way, good luck stuffing 3 teams into Smell A, although it would be a fitting punishment.