Might the Chargers double up on trips to Levi’s Stadium?

The Chargers make their first of two trips this season to Levi’s Stadium on Thursday night, or is that statement to big for the Bolts’ britches?

Yep, the Chargers — thankfully — put the cap on their preseason against the San Francisco 49ers.

Yep, the Silver Anniversary NFL season is capped with Super Bowl 50 being played in the same digs.

So, might the Chargers look around, deciphering the ins and outs of the Santa Clara digs for their big return in February?

“Honestly, and that may sound crazy, that is the first time I thought about it until you mentioned it,” Philip Rivers said.

Rivers will be easy to spot tonight, wearing a Chargers cap in the same way Charlie Whitehurst did all those years. Rivers won’t see the field and we can’t wait to see it, either: Don’t they know how to grow grass in the Bay Area?

But it’s not the turf the Chargers need to be concerned about. It’s about getting to and getting out of the San Jose suburb without any serious injuries to significant players.

That’s why Rivers, Melvin Gordon and the rest of the first team should chill. If not, coach Mike McCoy needs a pill of reality.

McCoy is from these parts and if you cut his veins, they still bleed 49ers red. He scoffed at mentioning the bookend appearances at Levi’s to his players, but what did you expect for a coach on the hot seat?
It’s all about the here-and-now instead of the what-might-be.

Instead, we’re happy to do a solid for Rivers and we’ll bet a soda pop — the strongest beverage to pass through No. 17’s lips — that he’ll bring it up. Maybe on the team bus. Maybe in the locker room. Maybe right before kickoff.

Why? Because we planted the seed and gave him permission to stoke his teammates’ emotions by playing the Super Bowl 50 card.

“I appreciate you,” Rivers said. “I’ll footnote you…”

Speaking of feet, the Chargers need to decide about which two to go with: Nick Novak or Josh Lambo. This isn’t Radio City Music Hall with its Rockettes. Instead, it’s the best two unless you think the Bolts are so keen they have the luxury of carrying a pair of kickers — one for field goals (Novak) and one for kickoffs (Lambo).

Novak will get the job but the kicker is Lambo will land one, somewhere, some time this season, as well…

And well, this is the year McCoy sheds his “Bronze” nickname, right? After consecutive third-place finishes, we offer this: Norv Turner — yeah, that guy – never ended a year lower than second…

The more you’re around Melvin Gordon the more you think he could be special. His rushing numbers don’t show it, but falling in love with August statistics — in either direction — is a killer of a mistake.
What impresses us is how he works and realizes there are no shortcuts in finding the best running lanes.
When asked if he was bummed about likely sitting against the Niners, he said the right thing.

“You don’t count your reps, you make your reps count,” Gordon stressed…

The stress meter was turned up at Petco Park on Wednesday as the Padres’ defense was consistently challenged by the aggressive base running of the Rangers. But it was what the Padres did on the base paths in the series finale that is hard to believe.

Yangervis Solarte was the tying run in the 10th inning, with a decent lead off second base. When a sharp, one-out ground ball was hit to shortstop Elvis Andrus, every Little League coach in the stands thought the same thing: if the ball is hit to your right, you stay right where you are.

Instead Solarte attempted to advance to third, got halfway there and whatever light is in his noggin’ it finally flickered on.

Of course he was retired and of course the Padres dropped another series. The sound you heard after the game was a third-place team falling into fourth and we’ll plead the fifth in piling on anymore…

Dig the San Diego State-University of San Diego matchup on Saturday night at Qualcomm Stadium. We just hope the Toreros don’t have the ultimate seat for the post-game Sky Show.

Laying on your back is keen for the beach and watching the big-time sparklers, but here’s to USD getting out of the east end of Mission Valley with body limbs intact and a big, fat check…

If looking for a dynamite weekend of prep football, check out the Honor Bowl at Oceanside High this weekend. It’s loaded with top-flight teams, and better yet, the military and what it does for all of us is the real star of the show. Oceanside plays Sammamish (Wash.) on Friday and Cathedral Catholic wrestles with Westlake Village Oaks Christian on Saturday…

The stars will be out at Petco Park with the first-place Dodgers rolling into town, starting Thursday night. Dem Bums think they have a future one in infielder Corey Seager. He’s the hot-shot prospect L.A. refused to part with to land either Cole Hamels or David Price at the trading deadline. Seager will be with the club in time for the opener…

The Padres won’t see MVP Clayton Kershaw over Labor Day Weekend as he threw his third complete game in his last 10 starts on Wednesday when the Dodgers swept the Giants.

Those three complete games are two more than the Padres’ staff has thrown all season…

With Matt Kemp being on fire in the second half, the chatter of the Dodgers hoodwinking the Padres on the trade that sent Yasmani Grandal north has quieted.


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