Chargers not happy with bad tackling, miscommunication

by Marty Caswell

The dialogue on why Mike McCoy didn’t call time out and attempt to score before the end of the first half continued on Monday, long after the Chargers lost 24-19 to the Cincinnati Bengals.

But the fact of the matter is the Chargers were undone by several mistakes and failure to capitulate on several opportunities versus a tough Bengals opponent.

Cincinnati’s running game, led by 123 yards from Giovanni Bernard, combined for 175 rushing yards. Missed tackles, dumb penalties that led to extra downs for Andy Dalton, turnovers and miscommunication were much more to blame in the Chargers loss than the possibility of scoring in 57 seconds.

The Chargers were still licking their wounds Monday afternoon and Corey Liuget didn’t mince words when asked about what he saw on film.

“Bad tackling, miscommunication, it just wasn’t good defensively for us. I’m very surprised and I think the coaches are too. I’m very disappointed. I’m sitting here with a smile but I’m mad on the inside. It was soft, we didn’t do what we needed to do.”

Find out what else Liuget and Manti Te’0 said about the Chargers defense in the video above.

Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy

No Second Guessing for Mike McCoy

But back to the only thing Chargers fans wanted to talk about, why didn’t Mike McCoy give his offense a chance to put some point on the board before the end of the first half? It didn’t take long for the third-guessing to continue at his Monday afternoon press conference.

“Well I think every week it’s going to be different,” McCoy said. “You have a feeling on how your team is playing a certain time in the game and the situation of the game, knowing we had the ball to start the second half, whether you get pinned deep, this is a good punter, of knowing where he could put the ball and we called timeout. They had two timeouts also.  There’s other things that can happen too  with the score being 6-14.”

“If we go into halftime with that score and come out understanding, ‘hey we go down and score’ it”s exactly what we did and that was the plan. That’s why I did that knowing we had the ability to go down there and mix in the run and pass, not just being a two-minute situation  and to be honest with you, it worked out the way I thought it would.”


“I think it was what was best for the football team at that time,” McCoy continued. “I think the situation, with the way the flow of the game was going, a number of different things. We had two turnovers at the time  and to understand going in the score at halftime that that what it was, and be able to have the ball at the beginning of the second half,  um that was one positive of the game, I think, the getting points the first two drives of each half.”

Injury update

Right guard Johnnie Troutman originally eyed a week three return after he broke his arm in a pre-season game versus the Cowboys. Troutman says Monday afternoon that his rehab is going well and he’s hopeful he could be back in two weeks. D.J. Fluker, who suffered an ankle injury last week versus the Lions, was walking around without any noticeable limp before the game on Sunday and said he hopes to return “in one or two weeks.”

Watch the recap of the Chargers loss to Cincinnati



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