Chargers recap: A nightmare loss in Minnesota

What went wrong in the Chargers 31-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings? Pretty much everything. Hear from Mike McCoy and Philip Rivers and find out about the barrage of injuries to the offensive line.



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3 thoughts on “Chargers recap: A nightmare loss in Minnesota

  1. MannyG42

    I’m sorry for all of you that ate diehard chargers followers, but the fact of the matter that as long the chargers are owned by the Spanos family the team will never go anywhere. In order to be a contender today versus 10 years ago is that the team that spents the most money for quality players will always be in the winners arena and the chargers do not have a owner who is willing to spent money for a winning team. He instead wants to relocate to Los Angeles because there is more money in his pocket Damm the team he dose not care if the team wins as long as his pockets rack in the money! Does not take a rocket scientist to see this! Believe me I like the Chargers as well as the Cowboys (I am from Texas and the Saints but it boles down who pays the most money for quality players!

  2. Jorge Arce

    Enough about ownership! We know the Spanos r ok with being losers. It’s been going on forever!
    Bottom line:
    1) Mccoy is as bad as Norv ,without the awkward post game press conference!
    2) since Whiz left, the preparation is predictable and vanilla. Look at the past 2 seasons, we hardly ever score in the first half, and only put up when we’re trailing by multiple scored.( all on coaching prep)
    3) they don’t go deep until 2nd half( stretched d out)
    4) no play action ( keeps lbs honest)
    5)Phillip sucks, 10 + qb, and he still stares his wrs down
    6)hardly using Woodhead, should b ed throwing screens to him every 5-7 plays!
    7) on 3rd down, teams typically blitz, so why the f are they not ready or prepared??
    8) stupid ass penalties, hate to say, but Bellichek would bench em and hold them accountable. Coaching is terrible!
    *as fans, we wait weekly for Charger Sundays only to waste our time , see poor football being played!
    Unfortunately, the freaking Raiders are playing more creative and exciting football!!

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