Corey Brock on what changes are coming to Padres roster & his guess on next manager

What kind of changes are coming to the San Diego Padres after a 2015 season of disappointment?’s Corey Brock discusses with Marty Caswell why the Padres could look to trade some of their veterans to fill some needs in the off-season,who replaces Justin Upton in left field,  if Yonder  Alonso has played his final game for the Padres and who he likes as the next manager of the team.



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14 thoughts on “Corey Brock on what changes are coming to Padres roster & his guess on next manager

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  2. Ryan Stall

    They won’t sign another corner outfielder. We have too many of those as it is. Kemp, Myers, Liriano, Renfroe and Dickerson. And they can’t trade Shields because of his negative trade value.

  3. Gabriel Acevedo

    I love Brock’s call on Ron Washington as mananger. Yes, Wash’ has had some “issues”, but Preller is not the one to think inside the lines all the time. He has a lotta history with Wash, in Texas….we all saw what they accomplished together, and the game is littered with managers who have had ‘life issues’. Terry Collins, got a handle on his drinking problem…Bobby Valentine was given a shot, after being somewhat blacklisted, before he blew it again in Boston, and Ozzie Guillen is too good a manager, inside the lines, to NOT get another shot.

    I dont think Kotsay is a bad choice at all, the more I think about it….no doubt, he will manage someday. I think he brings a position player’s pedigree, that a Murphy, nor a Bud Black ever had. I tend to think that players relate to managers who have played an everyday position.

    but again, I love the idea of Ron Washington managing this team. A guy like Kemp, your centerpiece, is vital to a manager’s success. And I think Matt would respect Wash a lot, as would Shields. And I think Wash’ is very capable of managing his small ball/manufacturing runs- style around a hitter like Matt Kemp.

    good call, Brock.

  4. Gabriel Acevedo

    yea, but I tend to think they can trade some OFers here in a package with other pieces, to get a better OFer. I like the idea of Myers in LF, a lot better than him at first. The one thing Alonso had going for him was his glove…he improved with the glove at first, VERY quickly..

    and if the general consensus is that the infield defense needs vast improvement, you cant afford to have a gimpy first baseman with a bad glove…thats just not going to work. I dont think Myers glove is as up to code as it should be at first, God bless him.

    so, I think they need a power hitting first bagger and a full time SS with some speed. The agenda going into the offseason should include better defense and even more speed, with on base ability.

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  8. Gabriel Acevedo

    A lefty bat with zero pop…he’s been here since the Dark Ages, and cant stay on the field. If he had a track record of driving in runs, I could see why they’d keep him. But if you’re hanging your hat on an OBP, and ONLY his OBP, why would a GM who has little wiggle room with payroll next season, justify giving a substantial raise to someone just because “he’s a left handed bat”?…makes no sense. Brett Wallace can do everything Alonso can do..but he’s cheaper. And Wallace may be another leftie they pass on.

    Spangenberg ia also leftie….but he has more than one tool, unlike Alonso.

  9. Ryan Stall

    Alonso has two good tools of the 5, hit and field. And who cares if he has no pop? We have plenty of guys with pop (Kemp, Gyorko, Myers, Norris). We had the lowest OBP in baseball this year. We will get worse, not better, if we get rid of the guy with the highest OBP. The notion that first baseman absolutely have to hit for power is just tired.

  10. Gabriel Acevedo

    Its tired, on a team where you can hide his lack of pop. Its not tired on a team, where you could possibly lose a couple of those bats you mention, this offseason.

    Who told you, Gyorko’s money, makes him unmovable?…Hell, Preller was trying VERY HARD ro trade him and Kimbrel, at the deadline. And his late season surge dont make him untradeable either. Norris??..I have a bro-crush on the guy but he may be traded, too, if all this BS about making Hedges the everyday catcher next season, is bought by Preller.

    I dont buy into conventional wisdom most of the time either..but on the Padres it has to be considered. Dont blame me, for being an advocate of a Alonso trade….blame Geoff Moorad for having Hoyer trade A. Gonzalez…blame Josh Byrnes for trading Rizzo. If one of the two are here, you’re not trying to trade Peter, to get Paul, like Preller might have to.

    Since they’ve been traded, you’ve gotten NO run production from 1st base or 3rd (oh, sorry…half a season from Headley, ooops)…two HUGE NO NO’S, at those positions. And its been a merry go round, at first/third ever since. You seem so adamant about keeping Yonder, yet you offer no LEGITIMATE back up plans if Alonso blows a gasket again. Defense is all well and good, but it has NEVER driven in a run…ever.

    Personally?…I dont think Myers is the guy, at first either, because defense at first is paramount. I think they need to look outside the team, for that guy. And there are better known, as well as ‘not so well known options’, better than Yonder. And again, he aint gettin cheaper, believe it or not.

  11. Ryan Stall

    “Who told you, Gyorko’s money, makes him unmovable?…Hell, Preller was trying VERY HARD ro trade him and Kimbrel, at the deadline. And his late season surge dont make him untradeable either.”
    I’m calling him unmovable because he IS, in fact, unmovable. Yes, Preller was trying hard to trade him but no took the bait. He couldn’t give Gyorko away because no one is interested in paying $33m for his sub-.300 OBP. Gyorko has negative trade value just like Kemp, Shields and M. Upton.

  12. Gabriel Acevedo

    Sorry, but you dont know what you’re talking about. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, at first..but for you to say ‘he is, in fact, unmovable” is a crock of shit.

    Preller didnt trade Gyorko, because he was not going to trade him to the Yankees for their, ALLEGED, best A ball SS that was known to make more errors, than more contact. And thats the truth. It had nothing to do with no one wanting Gyorko.

    And if you REALLY think Kemp has zero trade value, then I may be talking to the dumbest shmuck on two wheels…lets just assume NO ONE wants him bcuz he’s lacking on defense. If the Padres were hard up to trade him, be it as a desig. hitter or an OFer, all they’d have to do is eat a lot of the money, and he would IN FACT (to borrow your phrase) be movable.

    You speak in too many “matter of fact” terms…variables, do and can, change a guy’s status with a team on a regular basis. If a guy doesn’t have a ‘no trade clause”, anyone can be traded.

    But the mere fact that you cant appreciate a 23/100 stat line from the best hitter on the team, irrespective of defensive flaws ownership and Preller, knew of BEFORE he got here, just tells me Im wasting my time returning a post, to you.

    So, please..go right ahead believing Yonder Alonso should be your first baseman in 2016…tell that to 99% of a frustrated fanbase, and they will laugh you under a freaking table, dude.

    ..and Kemp may not be all you want him to be with the glove, but go right ahead and subtract his run production from this team, and they’re dead last in the standings. Yonder’s glove dont do a damn thing to improve run production….and run PREVENTION on a team with that K’s too much, is underrated as well. You need consistent OBP, AND!!!!…consistent contact. Not just OBP.

  13. Ryan Stall

    Ok. You are a fucking idiot. It is not a crock of shit to say that Gyorko or Kemp are unmovable because they fucking ARE! The Yankees’ suggested trade for Gyorko was Kimbrel + Gyorko for that High-A shortstop. They didn’t WANT Gyorko, they saw him as a negative piece in the trade and were offering to “take him off our hands” in order to get Kimbrel. Obviously we would be able to move Kemp/Gyorko if we eat enough of their contracts. But if you have to pay to get rid of a guy it means he has negative trade value. And Yonder Alonso is the best first baseman we have by a longshot along with being the only position player we have who ever gets on base. But your head is so far up your ass that you can’t realize this. As far as consistent contact, Alonso pretty much led the team in batting average too. But you refuse to look at anything other than the almighty home run stat because you’re a retard. Now shut the fuck up and tell your mom I said same time tonight.