Bernie Wilson complains about the Chargers

Bernie Wilson on the impact of relocation and tickets sold for the Chargers



One thought on “Bernie Wilson complains about the Chargers

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    San Diego is a city whose citizens are screaming out to us that SOCCER is EXPLODING in popularity and NFL football is either peaking out or DECLINING in overall popularity. San Diego is definitely one city where the popularity of NFL football is declining.
    The mayor and city council members had better fully understand this. Their plans for a new stadium in San Diego had better factor in the need to either include soccer as an EQUAL or go so far as to factor the sport of professional soccer as the eventual SHOWCASE SPORT in San Diego over NFL football.
    SOCCER has the potential to be the ‘life preserver’ that saves the CHARGERS in the San Diego market.
    A shared stadium between both major sports would be best executed by a multi-use stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but with a minimum of TWO portable Bermuda grass fields instead of one. This would make it so much more convenient to schedule events from both sports as close as one or two days apart. It only takes an hour to roll one field in or out of the stadium.
    The vote to approve the construction of Century Link Field in Seattle would not have reached the required majority without the vote of Seattle soccer fans who voted for funding the stadium ONLY because they were assured Seattle was going to have a professional soccer team sharing that stadium.