Adam Day on Goldman Sachs: “Well, they’re wrong”

The Head of CSAG fires back at the critics of their plan and explains what it is really about.



2 thoughts on “Adam Day on Goldman Sachs: “Well, they’re wrong”

  1. Nick

    Haha that fat dan sileo got his ass handed to him by somebody who actually knows what he is talking about. I had to listen to that fat balding boisterous joke give a sermon based purely on conjecture on my whole commute. Then when called out on his belligerent behavior and was confronted squarely with fact, he deflected everything to a suspicious Goldman Sachs report like a coward, and never did man up.

    Thank you Adam Day for embarrassing dan sileo in front of the whole city.

  2. A A Ron

    Basically heard the same thing this morning…and thought the same exact thing lol.