Amy Trask: “I don’t believe that the League will put 2 teams in Los Angeles…”

Former Raiders CEO and now with CBS Sports, Amy Trask discusses what may happen with football in both LA and San Diego.



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4 thoughts on “Amy Trask: “I don’t believe that the League will put 2 teams in Los Angeles…”

  1. Gerald Reynolds

    By the logic of what Amy Trask states here and going by what Mara the owner of the Giants said last week and what York the owner of the 49ers has said and Jerry Jones, it sure adds up to either Rams in LA and Chargers in San Diego or both Rams and Chargers in LA.

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    A recent judges decision leaves a much lower hurdle for St. Louis to get a new stadium built. If that continues to be the case, the Rams could be staying in St. Louis.

  3. Cecil Treadwell

    There is a huge enough fan base in LA for both the Raiders and the Chargers. They should build a stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium , bur with TWO portable natural grass fields. One for the Chargers and one for the Raiders.

  4. Patrick KT

    What Amy noted makes a lot of sense. It’s unlikely there will be three teams in the SoCal area. Ideally, it would be two teams in SoCal and two teams in NorCal, the nation’s second and third largest markets respectively. What would endure the best chance of success in LA? One team with that being the Rams due to its legacy and long history there as well as Kroenke’s deep pocket. The league could very well allow Kroenke to move his Rams to LA under the condition that he helps together with the league’s assistance get stadiums done in both SD and Oakland. The other alternative would be to have the Chargers join the Rams in Inglewood.