Bob Gaglione: “Makes a lot of sense to keep it in Mission Valley”

Attorney experienced in construction law, Bob Gaglione explains why the Mission Valley site could fast track the Environmental Impact Report and how it is the best stadium site.



8 thoughts on “Bob Gaglione: “Makes a lot of sense to keep it in Mission Valley”

  1. Mark Viguri

    Great example of how an Architect solves the problem vs. lawyers who know very little about Design and Construction. Yes even Bob.

    1a.) Wrong, current LA stadiums lack luxury suites. the correct place for the Chargers to play while the ‘Q’ is demolished and rebuilt is the Super Bowl quality Phoenix Cardinals stadium. F Smell-A.

    1b.) Question is wrong. There has NEVER been actual design & construction drawings drawn up, stamped and approved for a stadium in LA. Kroenke’s in Inglewood will be the first.

    1c.) I handle EIRs all the time as an Architect, lawyer don’t. In fact City Planners don’t like to see lawyers in meetings at all, fact.

    Look if we leave the new endzone seats that meet today’s earthquake codes then it’s only a renovation. That means ZERO impact to the site ZERO. The parking lot with those great 17,000 tailgate parking space is already 100% done as is, fact! You don’t want to touch the asphalt parking lot because then you run the risk of exposing contaminated soil. Yes it’s just that simple and will save the City $200 MIL by not moving the location 1 inch. next.

    OMG OMG Bob agrees with me! Only been posting this for 2 years! Demo the ‘Q’ and rebuild in the EXACT location! Chargers are liars! I’m also an expert because I’m NOT a lawyer I’m an actual Architect. Thanks BOB you are the 1ST person to admit I’ve been 100% CORRECT!

    1d.) GS Warriors are building on virgin land in SF. How do you not understand this?

    Thank YOU BOB for speaking the TRUTH!

    2a.) The scoping is just mailers sent out to property owners within 300′. No big deal. That’s why the Mayor said the Chargers have to agree by Sept to meet Decembers EIR approval date, next.

    2b.) Fabiani is talking out of his azzzz.

    2c.) Yes Jan Goldsmith was correct back in Feb about the EIR and is correct now, next.

    2d.) You have downtown ALL WRONG! BOTH the CITY and Chargers/JMI/Manchester want it downtown vs taxpayer and Charger fans who are demanding it stay right where it is. Downtown costs at least $500 MIL more. That’s why the downtown plan needs to steal the $500 MIL going for the new Bayside Conv Ctr expansion (which actually works and is 100x better), next.

    2e.) BOB is correct if the Chargers don’t want Mission Valley F them. The City of San Diego
    will build a smaller new stadium for the SDSU Aztecs! Next

    2f.) OMG back to downtown. Just how much is Spanos paying you? Dan U R such a TOOL and aren’t fooling anyone.

    2g.) Corey Briggs was right about funding for Conv Ctr. I do open forums all the time as an ARCHITECT not a lawyer. I got over 200 Sprint Cell Site Towers approved for Sprint all over San Diego. Cell Sites are the hardest projects to get public approval. Stop crying about the EIR. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Thank God RON ROBERTS is a Architect and not a blood thirsty lawyer like everyone else in the room.

    WRONG DOWNTOWN places a monstrosity downtown! Yes the worst thing is to build a gigantic building next to Petco.

    SDSU has to have New at the ‘Q’. Thanks for throwing out my tag line. BOB is 100% correct. JUST BUILD the STADIUM. REMOVE the PORK!

  2. Mark Viguri

    Vegas is building a new football stadium for UNLV only costs $525 MIL. Yes only $525 MIL. and is almost finished with the new MGM-AEG (yes AEG) Sports Arena at NYNY and it only costs $375 MIL and AEG pays 50% of all construction costs on their project so it only costs MGM around $200 MIL. Can every add $525 MIL + $200 MIL? It equals $725 MIL for both a new stadium at the ‘Q’ and a new DOWNTOWN SPORTS ARENA for our new San Diego Gulls . San Diego can have both and keep comic con

  3. Cecil Treadwell

    The HUGE 166-acre Mission Valley site Qualcomm Stadium currently occupies is the envy of many major cities around the country and the world. The REVENUE GENERATING POENTIAL for this magnificent site is ASTRONOMICAL provided the Mayor and City Council Members understand that the sport of SOCCER needs to be the CENERPIECE SPORT for a NEXT GENERATION MULTI USE STADIUM COMPLEX that is designed PRIMARILY around the sport of SOCCER and SECONDARILY around the sport of American style football.
    You could have 30 SOCCER fields in Mission Valley and they would all be in use every day of the week and at night as well if they were illuminated. This demonstrates the magnitude of the popularity of SOCCER in San Diego.
    The portable natural grass field at the University of Phoenix Stadium is the key to optimizing the use of modern stadiums all around the country if they are designed and built this way, BUT feature SOCCER as their flagship sport with American style football playing second fiddle.
    The Qualcomm Stadium parking lot alone is 122 acres!
    The portable field a University of Phoenix Stadium is slightly over 2 acres.
    Our 122-acre parking lot in Mission Valley represents more than enough surplus space to hold TWO portable SOCCER fields and TWO portable football fields.
    Maybe ONE portable football field could be shared by the CHARGERS and San Diego State Aztecs at the outset, but TWO football fields would give us one top condition field for college bowl games and the Super Bowl every FOUR years or so.
    The TWO SOCCER fields could be used by a MEN’S MLS team and a WOMEN’S PROFESSIONAL SOCCER team respectively.
    San Diego could be a host city for some GOLD CUP matches, Men’s and Women’s WORLD CUP matches, college SOCCER matches, high school SOCCER matches, and even Rugby tournaments.
    SOCCER is the FUTURE!!!!
    The sport of SOCCER is the GREATEST REVENUE-GENERATING SPORT in the WORLD and we must understand this fully before we move forward to design the NEXT GENERATION MULTI-PURPOSE STADIUM COMPLEXES that will reflect this UNIVERSAL SPORTS REALITY.

  4. Manuel Sosa

    I agree, they should build a soccer – football stadium in mission valley. soccer is slowly becoming the most popular sport in the US, I believed by 2030 MLS is going to be as big as NBA and NFL. So please Dean Spanos if you you are living let us know now, so we can move forward, start recruiting an MLS Franchise to SD, build them a state of the art soccer stadium in mission valley and build a NBA/NHL Arena Next to it. So please make up your mind Dean Spanos

  5. Cecil Treadwell

    By 2020, the MLS will be ready to rival the NFL in popularity in the U.S. That’s what cities aren’t yet understanding. San Diego City Council Members and the Mayor have no excuse not to understand this SEA CHANGE because it is happening right in front of their eyes.
    San Diego County is almost if not the EPICENTER of that fundamental shift.
    SOCCER already surpasses football in popularity in San Diego and will soon DWARF football in overall popularity.
    Check out the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where they just played the Super Bowl and will host two GOLD CUP soccer matches on July 12.
    The genius of its design is how the field rolls out of the stadium in order to get maximum hours of sunlight each day. That is so important for a natural Bermuda grass field to be kept in tip top condition.
    The field stays outside the stadium until the day before game day when it takes about an hour for electric motors to roll it back inside.
    The key to get funding for a new stadium complex in Mission Valley might be embodied in stipulating that women’s sports will get EQUAL ACCESS and USAGE for whatever facilities get built there.
    Corporate and private funds earmarked for promoting opportunities for women could be applied for the building of a new stadium complex so that the taxpayer doesn’t have to finance it.

  6. Cecil Treadwell

    The NARROW NEEDS of Alex Spanos, the CHARGERS organization, and American style football fans are no longer the most important considerations in the San Diego sports market.
    SOCCER has long since surpassed American style football in popularity within the San Diego sports market and will soon DWARF it by comparison.
    The GREATER GOOD VISION for the SUM TOTAL of SPORTS NEEDS within San Diego should dictate what should happen on this magnificent Mission Valley site.
    The Spanos family and its NARROW SELFISH DEMANDS upon the San Diego community have more than worn out their welcome here.
    The Spanos family has become the BANE of San Diego and the BANE of the NFL as well.
    They are insisting we pursue and underwrite an old paradigm that no longer works.
    SOCCER is the new FLAGSHIP SPORT that will DRIVE REVENUE in San Diego like no other sport before it ever has.
    The Mayor and City Council Members must understand this and MUST MOVE FORWARD with a MASTER PLAN for the SUM TOTAL of SPORTS NEEDS SPECIFIC TO the San Diego community.
    The CHARGERS or some other NFL franchise must take a back seat to these ALL INCLUSIVE plans.
    WOMEN’S SPORTS MUST RECEIVE EQUAL CONSIDERATION in these new plans. This consideration could be the most providential factor in securing sufficient funding to finance all or most of the construction costs for a MULTI-USE STADIUM COMPLEX in San Diego.
    This is a GREATER GOOD PROJECT that is more than worth waiting for and WILL REQUIRE the current parking lot to be completely dug up despite the foregone conclusion that contaminated soil will be encountered.
    This whole site needs to be dug up and have contaminated soil removed and replaced with clean soil and then be re compacted and graded for an ALL INCLUSIVE MULTI-USE STADIUM COMPLEX that SHOWCASES the sport of SOCCER in its initial design AND will guarantee women’s sports and non sports events EQUAL ACCESS and EQUAL USAGE contingent upon funding.
    If you invest the time to watch the current Women’s World Cup being played in Canada, you will readily witness the STEEP ASCENDANCY of WOMEN’S SOCCER along with men’s SOCCER in NORTH AMERICA.
    The old model of building a stadium with a captive playing field designed expressly for an NFL franchise team has barely been viable in more affluent times, but is entirely out of the question in the context of today’s economic reality.
    Qualcomm Stadium needs to be LEVELLED so the 166-acre site can be utilized for OPTIMUM BENEFIT for the SUM TOTAL GREATER GOOD of the San Diego community.
    An NFL franchise team can then take its rightful place in the whole scheme of prudent and fair considerations.

  7. Cecil Treadwell

    The TOTAL POTENTIAL for Mission Valley is far too great to “fast track” anything or to try and build anything on the cheap
    This premium site requires lots of long-term thought, preparation, and optimum utilization for the sum total of San Diego’s sports needs.
    The CHARGERS are a thorn in the side because satisfying them means sacrificing a much greater vision and potential for this prime building site.
    If we fail to see the undeniable trends and major opportunities associated with the sport of soccer, we will be kicking ourselves for decades.

  8. Cecil Treadwell

    Did you watch the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders MLS game tonight? Wow! That stadium in Portland was packed with the most enthusiastic fans I’ve ever seen!
    Why is the northwest ahead of us on this soccer stuff?!