Bob Gaglione: “Confusing to me”

Attorney Bob Gaglione responds to all the stadium news from this week.



One thought on “Bob Gaglione: “Confusing to me”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    The biggest mistake the City Council and the Mayor are making is allowing the Spanos family and the NFL to hold the city hostage to their demands. The SUM TOTAL of the SPORTS NEEDS of San Diego are what need to be considered when designing and funding what should be a multi-purpose stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona which has a portable Bermuda grass field that pulls in and out of the stadium as needed. The present and future of sports in San Diego must include the sport of SOCCER. Soccer is the sport that will fill a stadium with spectators more than just the 10 days each year the CHARGERS will need to use it.