Cory Briggs: “Downtown has always been an option”

Attorney Cory Briggs talks about who the hoteliers real conflict is with plus why Downtown is still the best site for a stadium.



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2 thoughts on “Cory Briggs: “Downtown has always been an option”

  1. Jesse Arroyo

    This has already been explored since earlier this year. I personally talked to Fabiani on the phone and told him that if the hoteliers are the only thing stopping this then we can do something about it. The voters have the final say on stadium issues, not any other entity. What we needed was for the Bolts to come to the table and say “Yes, let’s go for it”. Instead they began to fund initiatives in Carson and currently Carmen Policy is stating “Chargers and Raiders are fully committed to Los Angeles”. How can we, the fans and the public, go to the table if our main partner, our team, or reason for doing all of this is busy courting another city? As to why Cory Briggs can’t answer why CEQA exemptions were enacted in Inglewood and Carson, and not in San Diego is because the Mayor and the County have committed the final decision on a stadium to a public vote rather than circumventing it and going through the city councils. The Mayor offered the Chargers the option to do a citizen’s initiative here in San Diego but that option has not been pursued. A downtown option is not possible without an extension of time and in order to get an extension of time a joint request from both the Mayor and the Chargers to the NFL would get that done. In any case I firmly believe that the LA puzzle will be solved this year and the announcement will come late this year or very early next year. If the Bolts really want San Diego then they need to get Policy and Fabiani back down here to San Diego ready to go to work on a San Diego plan. Until that happens downtown is a moot point.