Fantasy Football: Which QB should you target?


QB is a position with a lot of depth that you can wait on. However, grabbing a top tier passer is a safe option.

Who is worth grabbing early? Listen below and follow along with this handy list:

Aaron Rodgers
Andrew Luck
Almost Elite:
Drew Brees
Peyton Manning
Everybody Else:
Russell Wilson-
Matt Ryan
Ben Roethlisberger
Cam Newton
Eli Manning+
Tony Romo
Philip Rivers
Ryan Tannehill
Gray Area:
Tom Brady
Sam Bradford ++
Matthew Stafford
Carson Palmer
Jay Cutler
Jameis Winston+
Teddy Bridgewater
Marcus Mariota
I’m Sorry:
Colin Kaepernick
Joe Flacco
Andy Dalton
Nick Foles
Robert Griffin



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