Fred Roggin: “Fabiani is stalling to prevent Inglewood from starting construction”

From NBC LA Fred Roggin joined Scott and BR to discuss Mark Fabiani’s latest plot to delay construction in Inglewood and he tells them that he thinks Fabiani has lost control of his political cover.



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10 thoughts on “Fred Roggin: “Fabiani is stalling to prevent Inglewood from starting construction”

  1. Kevin Johnson

    I would like to see the media address the fact that
    the Charger ownership has more than enough revenue to finance the new

    Each NFL team receives over $100 million/year for the TV network deal.
    $100 million/yr mortgage will easily pay for the new stadium.

    stadium ticket revenue easily covers player salaries. Stadium
    concessions and apparel licensing will cover any other business

    Why does the Spanos family need a taxpayer
    subsidy to increase the value of the franchise by over $500 million
    (the business value increase with a new stadium)?

  2. Sergio Quintero

    No moral reason, because other cities have given other owners their stadium, for these billionaires precedent leads to an entitled right.

    Its completely morally wrong, but they feel completely entitled to it. The chargers no1 mission from all of this is to having someone mostly pay for their new stadium, in their mission they have set out for themselves they will have a new stadium either here or in L.A. by 2020.

    And every action they take is to 100% guarantee that goal of a new stadium under the best conditions possible.

  3. Daniel Perez

    Really starting to hate the ownership, next season all the homes games are going to be blacked out as it not looking good, they can atleast make it seem like they are staying but this is sad. wish they just do the right thing, better late then never we finally got a mayor that wants to make it a priority the others there a reason they are not mayor no more.

  4. Esteban

    Come on chargers and san diego get something done. Dont lose your fanbase,make it stronger by staying in SD. At the end of the day this is where they belong the chargers will probably get lost in the shuffle of la sports teams.From a lifelong chargers diehard. BOLT UP!

  5. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    I thought you said Stan Kroenke was in control of the NFL to LA situation and Inglewood was happening NO MATTER WHAT.

    Fred Roggin is one of the least credible sources in sports. {{-_-}}

  6. Mike Meram

    Great interview with Fred Roggin today Scott and B.R. I wish the NFL Goodell and the owners could listen to this one themselves..Even the LA. Market media now if getting an idea how deceptive and misguiding the Chargers brass and Fabiani are..My prediction is this..The NFL will extend the deadline one more year and put off any L.A. move for another year and make the Chargers come to the table and negotiate in good faith or else the league wont consider there relocation request..I have listened to Fabianis whining for the last 12 years and now that we finally have a proactive mayor wanting to get something done , all we hear from the Chargers are excuses why they cant instead of working together toward the one common goal…You know, Fabiani once worked for Bill Clintons administration, and he sounds and acts just like him…twisting everything around to fabricate the truth to get what they want.

  7. Eric Saferstein

    If you wish to squash the Inglewood stadium project, read this article.
    It contains information you will NEVER see in the mainstream media.
    And it’s multi-billionaire Stan Kroenke and Roger Goodell’s worst nightmare.

  8. Michael Edmondson

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph when the writer referred to the Raiders as “Los Angeles Raiders”. Bad form.

  9. Cecil Treadwell

    SOCCER is now the king of sports in San Diego.
    Soon it will DWARF football in popularity within the San Diego market and beyond.
    We need a stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where they just hosted the Super Bowl and will host two matches in the Gold Cup on July 12.
    San Diego has far more ideal weather for hosting these events so why don’t we do something to be in position for this in the future?

  10. Cecil Treadwell

    Their game of greed has become far too transparent by now.
    They are TIGHTWADS with ZERO VISION or IMAGINATION for coming up with a WIN – WIN – WIN solution for meeting the TOTAL SPORTS NEEDS of the San Diego community.
    They really don’t care for anyone else but themselves.
    No more GREEK BAILOUT plans for the Spanos family please.
    SOCCER is now the main sport of popularity within the San Diego market and beyond.
    Tremendous revenue sources are in store for the City of San Diego if they only play their cards right.
    Revenue sources that will DWARF any of those currently generated by American style football.