Jim Steeg: “If the Chargers want to get something done, it can happen”

CSAG member and former Chargers executive Jim Steeg joined Coach Kentera to give his opinion on how negotiations have gone so far, the Mayor’s continued effort and he clarifies some misinformation that has been reported.



One thought on “Jim Steeg: “If the Chargers want to get something done, it can happen”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    Tunnel vision will prevent optimum utilization of the current 166-acre site Qualcomm Stadium now occupies. The parking lot alone is 122 acres.
    This HUGE piece of real estate has the POTENTIAL to be properly used for the kind of NEXT GENERATION MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS STADIUM COMPLEX that could be the envy of the nation and most of the rest of the world as well.
    The SUM TOTAL of the SPORTS NEEDS of the San Diego community should be of the highest consideration by members of the San Diego City Council and the Mayor.
    They should be VISIONARIES with an eye to the FUTURE instead of pursuing an OBSOLETE PARADIGM by ‘catering’ to an NFL franchise that will need the stadium for only 10 days each year.
    The TREND LINES are unmistakable. SOCCER has become the most popular sport in San Diego.
    American-style FOOTBALL won’t be falling out of favor, but it will be DWARFED by the overwhelmingly more popular sport of SOCCER in San Diego.
    A modern MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS STADIUM designed PRIMARILY to accommodate a FULL WIDTH NATURAL TURF SOCCER FIELD will be full of loyal SOCCER fans month after month in this ideal climate.
    The SOLUTION is staring us all right in the face.
    The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona holds the key. The most recent Super Bowl was played there.
    It is a multi-purpose stadium that has a natural turf field that rolls in and out of the stadium.
    All natural turf fields permanently located within a stadium miss out on hours of essential sunlight each day especially in winter.
    That makes it so difficult to keep natural grass fields in tip top shape.
    The University of Phoenix Stadium Field solves that problem perfectly.
    A properly designed stadium here in San Diego could have a minimum of TWO portable natural turf fields.
    One for SOCCER and one for American style FOOTBALL.
    This stadium design provides the WIN – WIN – WIN SOLUTION we are all looking for.
    San Diego is the perfect city to be home for a women’s PROFESSIONAL SOCCER team.
    San Diego is the perfect city to be home for a men’s MLS team as well.
    San Diego is the perfect city to host the men’s AND the women’s WORLD CUP.
    San Diego is the perfect city to host the Super Bowl every FOUR YEARS or so.
    San Diego is the perfect city to host college bowl games.
    San Diego is the perfect city to host exhibition matches between visiting INTERNATIONAL SOCCER teams.
    With all the playing fields pulled out, the interior of the stadium can be used for volleyball tournaments with several portable courts easily put at field level.
    Karate and Judo tournaments would be interested.
    Rodeos, monster truck events, motor cross, music concerts, conventions, religious rallies, and a whole range of other events can book dates there.
    San Diego would be the city of choice for so many different sports events holding tournaments and championship matches in SOCCER.
    If women’s sports were guaranteed equal access to this facility, there might be corporate sponsorship to underwrite most or even all of the construction costs.
    The CHARGERS need to swallow their pride and be willing to play second or even third fiddle to other professional teams in this city.
    I have nothing against the CHARGERS, but the times are fundamentally different now and the FULL SPECTRUM of San Diego’s SPORTS NEEDS are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than their narrow and selfish franchise needs ever could be.
    The Spanos family is trying to do everything on the cheap and their attitude of entitlement is both irksome and downright embarrassing to our fine city.
    They have turned the CHARGERS into a PATHETIC FARM TEAM while attempting to pass it off as a Super Bowl contender.
    I feel both sorry and angry for the CHARGERS’ team members.
    The biggest ongoing curse for them is to be owned by a TIGHTWAD Spanos family with ZERO VISION or IMAGINATION.