John Spanos: “We are excited to work with the city”

New Chargers President of Football Operations John Spanos joined Scott and BR to discuss his “new” role with the team, what happened at the NFL owners meetings, his thoughts on the latest with the stadium saga and he talks about the off season moves they made to the roster.



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4 thoughts on “John Spanos: “We are excited to work with the city”

  1. Mark Viguri

    We are in the home stretch folks but we need to force the City to trim all the
    PORK out of the current proposal. New at the ‘Q’ only costs $750-$800 million.
    There is at least $300 million of fat cat deals that need to be taken out.

  2. Mark Viguri

    So far Rams owner Stan Kroenke has wiped the floor with Spanos regarding LA. If the Spanos kids were smart they would convince Mark Davis to move the R-A-I-D-E-R-S down to San Diego for 10 years until Oakland can afford to build a new Black Hole. That way Spanos and San Diego not Kroenke and Inglewood will get the Raiders.

  3. Mark Viguri

    Fabiani is only wasting more time and now $400K a year leasing control of a dump site in Carson pretending it’s a real project. Nobody is buying. Aztecs, Chargers and R-A-I-D-E-R-S new at the ‘Q’. Get it done!

  4. Rod74

    Are u for real Brother ???????? The Raiders in San Diego ???????
    We don’t need the Raiders to build our Stadium.
    The Raiders are going to be sold in the near future if the NFL has it’s way.
    U cannot have two AFC Teams in one City. So the Raiders & Rams will share the Inglewood Stadium. And the Chargers will stay where they belong in SAN DIEGO !!