JT the Brick: “Gruden doesn’t have the DNA for tanking. They just don’t have the players”

From the Raiders broadcast JT the Brick joined Scott to talk abou tthe dismal season the Raiders are having, unloading Amari Cooper and Bruce Irvin and why he thinks Jon Gruden is the guy to lead this team.



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The Crossover with Bo Derek

Darren, Scott and BR are joined by Bo Derek in studio.Subscribe(Darren Smith – Interviews): iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | SpotifySubscribe(Scott and BR – Interviews): iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | SpotifyComments comments

11/15 – Prep Insider – 7pm

On Thursday’s edition of Southern California Prep Insider, Tommy Morris, Christian Pedersen and Noah Lacsina are joined by coach Emmen Preston, J.L. Skinner from Point Loma High School, Casey Granfors from University City High School, as well as Alex

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