Kevin Acee: “Kevin Faulconer Continues To Fight The Good Fight”

Kevin Acee from the UT joins the show to talk some football with Dan as the return of Chargers football is just days away.



2 thoughts on “Kevin Acee: “Kevin Faulconer Continues To Fight The Good Fight”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    A properly designed stadium in San Diego would be flexible enough to accommodate a men’s and women’s professional soccer team, an NFL team, the San Diego State football team, Rugby teams, Lacrosse teams, etc.
    The 166-acre Qualcomm Stadium site is HUGE and gives San Diego several steps up in designing the kind of multi-purpose stadium complex that could be the envy of the world.
    That “could be” is contingent upon San Diego having a mayor AND city council capable of being true visionaries.
    SOCCER has the potential not only to be the greatest REVENUE GENERATING sport for San Diego, but can serve as the ‘life preserver’ for the CHARGERS.
    Mayor Faulconer and the city council members must understand how important it is to build a multi-use stadium like the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona because it is an ingenious design that would optimize franchise variety and total revenue for the city.

  2. LAsportsfan

    San Diego having a multi-purpose stadium a la a NFL/MLS/Rugby/Lacrosse/concerts stadium is something cool I would love to see getting built because not only does it keep America’s most popular sport football and the San Diego Chargers but perhaps MLS could place a team there and also San Diego State Aztecs playing there, Rugby and Lacrosse could be played there, but however I would want a new stadium in San Diego a multi purpose one be beneficial and helpful to the city of San Diego and San Diego County by having revenue go to the Chargers and San Diego, and as for the Chargers I would like to see a new stadium owned or operated by the Chargers to help them out. I hope that at least San Diego voters approve a new stadium and the CSAG’s financing plan.