Lori Weisberg: “It’s not an economic value”

From the UT, Lori Weisberg gives her thoughts on Comic Con vs. the Chargers as well as helps dispel some of the misconceptions.



One thought on “Lori Weisberg: “It’s not an economic value”

  1. David Nunez

    Is an economic return what’s most important here? Convention center 10x’s more important lol to who! How about doing something for San Diegan’s. Clearly Comic Con is more important to San Diegan’s “perspective of poll….granted not a professionally done poll” what a joke! If ” there have been no real studies that have shown a stadium….brings financial reward….I don’t think many out of towners come in from out of town” she speaks in terms of facts and Sileo is drinking that coolaid but not me! How about keeping institutions that bring communities together you minimize what you call “civic pride”. Funny how they both say the convention expansion is not just for Comic Con but make no mention what so ever as the stadiums use on other potential functions ie Super bowls, World Cup, Soccer, SDSU etc etc Sileo sounds like Fabiani’s cousin trying to convince us how we would be better of here AND HE”S NOT EVEN FROM HERE! I’m done listening to his crappy show. Sileo ” and I’m a football guy” go kick rocks back on the East Coast with your paisa Fabiani!