Mayor James T. Butts: “We Are The Only Project Ready To Go In The Next 120 Days”

Scott and Kurt are joined by Inglewood’s Mayor James T. Butts on Thursday for some stadium talk.  Check out the interview in its entirety right here!



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25 thoughts on “Mayor James T. Butts: “We Are The Only Project Ready To Go In The Next 120 Days”

  1. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    “I get that the Inglewood project is more shovel-ready. I get that the Carson site still needs more clean-up, because it used to be a landfill. However, Carson offers a better building site for more than just traffic reasons.

    Don’t forget that the NFL has not been in Los Angeles for more than a decade. The league should not care about the faster proposal, but they should want the proposal that better expands their brand. Commissioner Roger Goodell has already said the league will explore all options in L.A. That means they can afford to wait, an extra year or two, if that means they get the full expansion needed.”

  2. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    RAIDERS CAN DO L.A. ALONE. {{-_-}}

  3. The Truth

    HAHAHAHA! Grand Masturbator you mean. Look Okooky…. There will be no more delays. There will not be an “extra year or two” The NFL will be back in Los Angeles next year and the Raiders will not be a part of it.

    You’re going to need to face facts that the Raiders have zero juice to get ANYTHING done. They have neither the cash or the influence to do ANYTHING but stand by on the sidelines and watch other teams and owners who have actual $$$ move and shake and build.

    Raiders are going nowhere. Carson is a sham. A fairy tale of fancy. Even if it weren’t a cesspool of toxic sludge, it doesn’t even compare to the Inglewood location

    It’s not getting built and the owners (including Dean Spanos ) know this. You do too.

  4. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    You can make fun of my name all you like. Won’t make anything I said less true.

    You obviously can’t read. I didn’t mean waiting an extra year or two to bring the NFL back. I mean in construction of the Carson stadium which is much better for football than Inglewood.

    How are the Raiders going nowhere when there is nothing being done in their home market? St. Louis is moving and shaking all the hurdles. If anyone isn’t going anywhere, it’s the Rams. Those who have money can build in their current market.

    Raiders and Chargers need LA more. It’s not about who’s got money. {{-_-}}

  5. LAsportsfan

    Los Angeles can have the Rams, while San Diego can have the Chargers, and Oakland can have your sucky Raiders.

  6. The Truth

    As usual.. more nonsense. Of course it’s about who has money. St Louis needs Kroenke to invest nearly 450 dollars into the project. Guess what? That’s not happening. Kroenke is not putting that kind of scratch into a stadium he won’t control on land he won’t own. And it’s not about who needs LA more, it’s about who’d be a better fit for LA, who is the kind of deep pocketed owner to make it work in LA and and whose project makes the league more revenue.

    The answer to that surely isn’t Davis . It’s Kroenke and Inglewood. Raiders are nothing but fodder, waiting for whatever crumbs fall their way.

  7. LAsportsfan

    You do not realize that the Inglewood proposal is the better proposal than Carson 1. the Inglewood site has the ability to start construction in mid-December 2015 with an opening date of September 2018, Carson is not even ready for construction because they need to remediate and clean up the land which they still haven’t done that, 2. the Inglewood site has office space and the site has the ability to host the NFL Network (which the Carson proposal clearly rip offed) just go on YouTube and watch the Inglewood stadium presentation in March, and also the Inglewood proposal has an ability to host more events than Carson as the Carson site judging from the renderings it seems to be just made for football and nothing else, 4. Inglewood has transportation options and by the time the light rail is completed the Inglewood Stadium will already be completed, 5. There is the 6,000 seat venue that would host award shows and other SoCal events and possibly the NFL Draft.

  8. Chris

    But the NFL wants two teams in LA. If Kroenke goes to LA he’ll let the Raiders be tenants. Kroenke had a huge falling out with Spanos and wants no part of him or the chargers.

  9. LAsportsfan

    It’s obvious that Inglewood will build a new stadium regardless if the Rams come or not and Carson is already nearly dead.

  10. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    Only in your opinion. There is no parking at the Inglewood stadium site with all the ancillary development surrounding it, and the surrounding neighborhoods are slums. Terrible gameday experience. Get mugged or carjacked.

    And I was BORN in Inglewood. {{-_-}}

  11. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    The Carson land is already clean and has been approved by the State Department of Toxic Substances. Ready to go. {{-_-}}

  12. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    But the Rams are not qualified to move because their home market is building a new stadium. You’re stuck. {{-_-}}

  13. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    Oakland has no viable plan on the table. Eric Grubman and Roger Goodell already said so. {{-_-}}

  14. LAsportsfan

    So Oakland deserves the Raiders because they played here for many years and only the LA Raider fans want the team here.

  15. LAsportsfan

    There is a problem NFL Vice President Eric Grubman has said in his 3 points in a new stadium one of them is a stadium proposal must be likeable by a team, and the Rams don’t like this proposal, therefore St. Louis doesn’t meet Eric Grubman’s 3 points in a new stadium criteria and also Eric Grubman has even said he still sees a scenario where the Rams leave even if St. Louis got all their financing together, learn all of this.

  16. LAsportsfan

    The site has parking spaces in the Inglewood proposal there would 9,000 parking spaces with 21,000 parking spaces for NFL games and 45,000 parking spaces for every parking space within a mile in the stadium radius, it won’t be a bad game day experience in Inglewood’s new stadium as tax breaks have been made these go to basic services and espically police security once completed.

  17. LAsportsfan

    Thanks for the information pal but we still do not know what the construction date will be for the Carson stadium proposal.

  18. The Truth

    Home market isn’t doing any such thing without Stan tossing in nearly $450 million of his and the Rams money to do so. REPEAT after me. “That’s not happening” – St Louis defaulted on the EJD lease and Stan isn’t obligated nor required to spend a dime. St Louis isn’t going to benefit by not following through on it’s requirement to keep the EDJ in first tier status at no cost to the Rams, by then having Stan and the Rams pay 1/2 the cost of a new stadium.

    And the bylaws and relocation guidelines mean squat. Absolutely nothing. As Paul Tagliabue testified before a senate sub-committee back in 1997, The Rams met ZERO of the NFL’s relocation guidelines in 1995, but yet they were allowed to move anyway. Why you ask? Only because of a threatened billion dollar antitrust suit. Guess what? The league still doesn’t enjoy an antitrust exemption.

    Bottom line – Pack up the moving vans. St Louis’ days as an NFL city are done.

  19. The Truth

    Were you born this stupid or have you had some sort of accident?

    They’re not building a stadium unless they have a FINANCIAL commitment from an NFL owner – and guess what? Kroenke isn’t willing to spend a dime in St Louis. You know where he’s putting his cash? That’s right.. say it with me… INGLEWOOD. Nice try though.

  20. GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    Then Stan is in violation of NFL relocation guidelines and the 32 owners will vote against him moving. He can take it to court if he wants but he cannot leave a market in which he has NOT exhausted all his options. {{-_-}}

  21. Gary Kreie

    One big problem with the Inglewood site: NFL says current home markets have priority. Relocation rules say owner is required to negotiate in good faith with home market first, not just current building. St Louis is offering a new stadium. So Kroenke isn’t going anywhere until he exhausts all options in St. Louis and negotiates. He has not said one word in St. Louis for 4 years. Just took fans money as the team tanked. If he turns down the $400M in public money, no city will ever offer that kind of money again. It is very difficult politically, as SD and Oakland have learned. But many NFL owners will need their home markets to offer public money to get new stadiums in the future. They aren’t as rich as Kroenke and can’t fund it by themselves. So they’ll vote against Kroenke to show future cities that offering $400M in taxpayer money will indeed keep their team.

  22. LAsportsfan

    Actually Gary, Rams have met the relocation guidelines because per Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner), Stan Kroenke (owner of the St. Louis Rams) has worked on the stadium issue in St. Louis for several years (as minority owner and majority owner) he also met with Dave Peacock (St. Louis Stadium task Force) in an article February 2015 and talked about a stadium he even met Jay Nixon (Governor of Missouri and hoping to build National Car Rental Field) likely about and per sources per Martin Kilcoyne Kroenke met with Nixon prior to this meeting at Rams Park in Earth City, Missouri the Rams also negotiated in good faith with the CVC (owners of the Edward Jones Dome) about renovating the dome these examples right here count as negotiating in good faith.

  23. Gary Kreie

    That is laughable. When we heard he had one meeting with Gov Nixon and a brief hello to Peacock, everyone in St Louis said this was Stan trying to checkbox the relo guidelines — just the opposite of good faith. Fortunately the relo committee knows the truth and isn’t buying Stan’s too little too late attempts to salvage this.

  24. LAsportsfan

    Look, Roger Goodell has already sent a letter to your local boy Dave Peacock (Stadium Task Force leader) saying that $300 million is fundamentally inconsistent the LA Committee reviewed the letter and want them to understand the fundamentals of the stadium financing program and since they reviewed it they would probably absolutely hate how the St. Louis proposal (National Car Rental Field) is asking them to contribute $300 million not to mention per NFL’s Eric Grubman when the committees and various owners saw the drawings and plans of National Car Rental Field they had the sense it was not a top-tier stadium and info from someone in the NFL is credible and there’s no way the Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities ever accepts St. Louis stadium proposal because of this (since there are problems).

  25. Gary Kreie

    Two owners from the committee told Peacock to include the extra $100M. Then the two orther cities found out, so Goodell sent the letter to Peacock and told him to release immediately. The $100M doesn’t come from G4 but from the relo fees.