Nick Canepa: “I’m just completely sick and tired of it”

Longtime Columnist for the UT, Nick Canepa reflects on all of the stadium arguments and gives his thoughts on the subject.



One thought on “Nick Canepa: “I’m just completely sick and tired of it”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    The time has passed for Dean Spanos to get the stadium deal he wants.
    Things are changing so rapidly for San Diego’s sports needs.
    The sport of SOCCER is stealing all the sports thunder in the San Diego market and beyond.
    A NEW REALITY is making itself known and Spanos is getting desperate.
    He has lost the leverage he once had and San Diego needs to give Spanos good riddance so they can clear the decks and begin to carefully put together a master plan for a new stadium complex.
    SOCCER is now the most popular sport within the San Diego market.
    Soon, SOCCER will DWARF football in popularity throughout the SUNBELT states and beyond.
    Stadium architects and architectural firms must pay attention to this undeniable trend and design modern stadiums accordingly.
    SOCCER must become the CENTERPIECE SPORT around which modern stadiums should be designed.
    The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is the OPERATIONAL MODEL that every city should pattern itself after.
    The genius in its design rests in the portability of the natural turf field that rolls out of the stadium after game day so it can soak up maximum hours of essential sunshine between use.
    San Diego must emulate this same design and build a new stadium configured for a FULL WIDTH NATURAL TURF SOCCER FIELD that pulls in and out AND a natural turf football field as well.
    The portable field in Glendale, Arizona is a little more than 2 acres.
    The parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium is 122 acres. This is HUGE and now unnecessary considering the modern multi-level parking structures that have become the new standard for parking cars in a concentrated area.
    It is a blessing that San Diego has not built a new stadium expressly for the Chargers.
    We will be more thankful with each passing year that we didn’t rush into such folly.
    Our magnificent weather is the BIGGEST PERMANENT ASSET San Diego has as a starting point.
    We need to take that PERMANENT ASSET to the bank year after year.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for hosting the Super Bowl.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for hosting SOCCER tournaments.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for hosting college bowl games.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for hosting INTERNATIONAL SOCCER MATCHES.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for a women’s professional soccer team.
    San Diego will be the city of choice for a men’s professional soccer team.
    You could have 20 soccer fields in Mission Valley and every one would have matches being played on it every day of the week.
    Stipulating that a new stadium complex will be used equally for women’s sports is what is needed to open the floodgates for money earmarked for promoting women’s opportunities.
    If members of the San Diego City Council can understand this and be resourceful in their fund raising efforts, the construction of a modern stadium complex would almost if not be paid for in full up front.
    MICROSOFT is just one name when it comes to foundation money that might be accessed.
    Corporate donors could be talked into giving funds for a project like this or even underwriting it in a more direct way in exchange for getting portions of the project named after them.
    Do we have innovative visionaries on the City Council?
    Do we have a Mayor capable of innovative vision?
    Only time will tell.