Professor David Schultz: “It’s a horrible investment for a community”

Professor from Hamline University, David Schultz recounts Minnesota’s experience in getting a new NFL stadium and how much the franchise actually puts into it.



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One thought on “Professor David Schultz: “It’s a horrible investment for a community”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    Some great points made here. Stadiums traditionally do remain empty most of the year.
    The CHARGERS only need Qualcomm Stadium 10 days each year unless they make the playoffs.
    SOCCER is the flagship sport that will drive year-round attendance in the San Diego market.
    SOCCER is the FUTURE in many major cities and their new stadium plans should be made accordingly.
    The traditional multi-purpose stadiums built for football and baseball ended up being a bust.
    But the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona represents the wave of the future for multi-purpose stadiums if they have natural turf fields that roll in and out of the stadium. One for SOCCER and one for FOOTBALL.
    San Diego is in the most unique and enviable position as long as they tell the CHARGERS to take a hike and concentrate their efforts on building a multi-purpose stadium that showcases the sport of SOCCER for BOTH men’s and women’s teams with women athletes getting equal access to the facility.
    This would qualify for funding earmarked to promote women’s sports.
    San Diego could be a host city for the men’s and women’s WORLD CUP.
    San Diego could be a host city for the men’s Gold Cup in SOCCER which will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium this summer.
    San Diego could be host city for the Super Bowl every four years or so.
    San Diego could be host city for a number of college bowl games.
    San Diego can have its own Rugby team.
    A multi-purpose stadium in San Diego would be filled year round with a multitude of events because of our wonderful weather here.
    Qualcomm Stadium occupies 166 acres.
    The parking lot alone is 122 acres.
    University of Phoenix Stadium Field is slightly over 2 acres.
    You can see how HUGE the Qualcomm Stadium site is compared to the real estate most other stadiums are built on.
    The Mayor is making a mistake by wanting to sell a portion of it off to developers.
    San Diego has the potential for building one of the most used stadium complexes ever, but they need to insist on the CHARGERS franchise taking their rightful place in the whole scheme of things.
    We can do quite well WITHOUT the CHARGERS and the GREEDY and DEMANDING Spanos family.